Your Guide for Life-Changing First Dates

    First dates can truly change your life, even if they don’t end with marriage and two kids in the suburbs. Whether it’s an adventurous date with a foreigner or rediscovering your hometown with someone you’ve known your whole life, here’s how you can make your first dates worth remembering.

    First date tips

    Be yourself

    Although this is a cliché piece of advice, it’s somehow the one that is often forgotten. Your friends have probably advised you to be mysterious in order to intrigue your date. However, what happens when you’re simply not like that? If you’re an open and straightforward person, there’s no reason to pretend you’re something you’re not. Just be yourself and engage your date with your own personality because that’s how you’ll know that they like you for who you really are.

    Forget about social media

    If you’re an avid user of social networks, don’t let them ruin your dates and relationships. You shouldn’t judge a person by their Facebook covers or go out with someone only because they look stunning on their Instagram photos. Furthermore, don’t keep checking your profiles while you’re on a date, but log out and enjoy yourself.

    Be open-minded

    For some people, first dates might be awkward because they want you to like them, they get nervous and eventually end up looking quite weird and goofy. However, you shouldn’t just give up and go home. Instead, be open-minded and give them another chance. Your second date might be more relaxed and enjoyable. Don’t let the first impression prevent you from getting to know a great person and possibly your partner.

    Don’t be afraid to make the first move

    If you’ve met someone that you really like, you shouldn’t wait for them forever to make the first move. One of the most essential pieces of dating advice for women is to create their own luck rather than just sit and wait. It doesn’t mean that you need to ask them out, but only to strike up a conversation and give them an opportunity to ask you out.

    Go with the flow

    You can plan a perfect date, but still end up having the worst time of your life because you cannot control or predict how everything will turn out. If you go out with the right person, even the lamest date will be the best one ever. You won’t have to worry about how or what you’re going to say or do, but just go with the flow.

    First date ideas

    If you want to try something a bit different for your first date rather than go to the same places and eat the same food, here are several date ideas that you can try.

    A cooking date

    Cooking can be really fun, especially if you already know each other and your favourite foods. You can either cook at your or their home or sign up for a cooking class (a better option if you don’t know each other). You’ll have fun cooking, have an opportunity to talk and have delicious food afterwards.

    An outdoor concert

    Concerts are always a great idea for a date because they have a vibrant, cheerful atmosphere that will simply consume you. Just make sure to sit or stand somewhere in the back where it’s not too loud so you can talk. If you like the same type of music, you’ll have a topic to discuss, but if not, try to find a concert that you’ll both enjoy.


    There’s something so romantic about the stars that will simply charm you. Whether you’ll find a place outside the city or go to a planetarium, you can spend hours gazing at the stars and talking about everything. And you’ll be able to show off if you know different constellations.

    Truth or dare

    Although this might be a bit cliché, it can actually turn out to be so much fun, especially if you don’t know each other and have some wine within reach. You can get to know each other better and avoid those awkward silences. However, make sure not to get too personal too quickly because you might drive away your date.

    Destiny reading

    A visit to a psychic will definitely leave you with a lot of different impressions and you’ll spend your entire night talking about it. Even if you don’t believe in those things, it will definitely be a unique and interesting date.

    First dates are always exciting because they can bring something new into your life. Just remember to be yourself and the rest will fall into place.


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