7 Great Ideas for Dates During Warm Evenings

    It’s a mind-boggling fact that online dating causes stronger marriages. However, let’s be more realistic and think of those hot dates during warm evenings, which won’t disappear in virtual space and bring you unforgettable emotions. Here are some ideas of the most memorable dates:

    Romantic Date at Home

    You can easily create a romantic mood in your bedroom or living room. Switch off the overhead light, use the candles instead, prepare a tasty iced tea in an automatic iced tea maker and talk about everything in the world. You can use slightly scented candles, as the desire is strongly connected with our sense of smell. Lounge music can also enhance the sensual mood.

    Theme Dinner

    Don’t limit your imagination to pasta, pizza, or sushi. Find out more about cuisine of different countries and let your culinary creativity go wild. If you’re dreaming about vacation in Spain, for example, you can treat your loved one to delicious Gazpacho soup or colorful paella with seafood.

    Photo Session

    Plan a photo shoot with your own story. You will just need a camera (or a smartphone with a good camera), tripod, and good mood. A lot of fun guaranteed! You can even make a family portrait for future generations.

    Intellectual Battle

    If you are game lovers, you can host a gaming evening. Here you can find out more about the best board games. And if you’re fond of video games, you are welcome to find out more about these video games that can even bring you some benefits. Completing difficult levels together is very exciting.

    Active Pastime

    Push your limits together. Get a trial workout in the local gym, go swimming in the pool, or try martial arts. If you like spend time in the open air, you can go jogging or cycling together during warm evenings. Also, it’s a good idea to visit dance classes. Passionate bachata, classic waltz, hot salsa, rumba, or tango… The choice is vast. Communicating in body language is very fun and sexy. However, if you don’t want to leave your cozy house, you can plunge into the world of movements with a good dance simulator.


    Organize a picnic or an overnight trip with your loved one. Starry sky, night in a camping tent, and long conversations near the fire will definitely make you feel closer to each other. If you don’t have an opportunity to go to the country, create an interesting city route. Visit those places where you have never been before.

    Extreme Adventurous

    Crave for something extraordinary? Try rock climbing. The very first lesson on a climbing wall can turn into a common passion. But if this type of activity seems too dangerous for you, you can just go to the railway station and buy tickets for any train leaving soon. Stay in a new city for a few hours, get new impressions, and come back. This romantic adventure filled with a bit of adrenaline will definitely stick in your memory for long years to come.


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