Yoga While High: A Guide to Enhance Yoga With Cannabis


    • Where Does Stoned Yoga Come From?
    • How Can Cannabis Enhance Yoga?
    • Can You Have Too Much Weed With Yoga?
    • How to Combine Cannabis and Yoga
    • The Ultimate Relaxing Yoga Session


    What do yoga and marijuana have in common? People use them both to relax and unwind. While many enjoy each on their own, some are adamant that doing yoga while high provides plentiful benefits.


    So, what’s the deal? Can you smoke weed and enhance your spiritual session?


    Discover what high yoga is and if it’s worth picking up some indica seeds to grow a batch at home. Will those juicy buds really work their magic on your routine?


    Let’s find out!


    Where Does Stoned Yoga Come From?

    Before we delve into all the things cannabis can potentially do for your practice, we look at where the idea originates. Stoned, ganja, or weed yoga are three terms yogis use interchangeably when combining marijuana with their sessions.


    This trend is more prevalent in places where cannabis is already legal, like Colorado, California, and Canada. Individuals claim that mixing weed and yoga helps them connect better with their mind, body, and spirit.


    Many marijuana strains come from the foothills of modern-day regions in India, Pakistan, and Nepal. Historical reports suggest people from this area used cannabis for religious and spiritual purposes.


    Ancient religious texts from India called The Vedas state that gods created marijuana at the top of Mount Mandara. It goes on to say that Shiva brought the sacred crop to our planet for everyone to enjoy.


    With this knowledge, pairing yoga and marijuana doesn’t seem like such a new concept. It’s likely played a vital role in the practice for centuries, but there’s no denying its modern-day resurgence.


    How Can Cannabis Enhance Yoga?

    Many individuals report the incredible enhancements they feel from a stoned yoga session. Yogis claim numerous benefits to their mental and physical wellbeing that boost their connectivity during the practice.


    Before we share the advantages of combining cannabis and yoga, know that all evidence is anecdotal. Science is yet to weigh in on this calming mix. What one person feels might not be the same for you.


    Yogis report the following positive effects from marijuana that improve their practice:


    • Better concentration
    • A deep sense of relaxation
    • A stronger connection between mind and body
    • Uplifted mood
    • More time in the “flow state”
    • Deeper sleep
    • Enhanced senses
    • A more profound connection with one’s self and the world around
    • Reduced feelings of anxiety and tension


    Can You Have Too Much Weed With Yoga?

    Are you eager to start puffing on those buds you grew from Banana OG feminized seeds and get comfy in the downward dog position? Before you partake in your first yoga cannabis session, you need to know your limits.


    Remember, weed affects every individual differently. There are some possible negative sensations you could experience when combining the two or consuming too much.


    • Impaired coordination. This effect may make it harder to remain in a position or execute a stretch for long periods.
    • Low blood pressure. This doesn’t apply to everyone, but some people experience this when suddenly moving from one position to another.
    • Lack of concentration. A tiny dose may boost your focus, but enjoy a little too much, and it can have the opposite effect.
    • Uneasiness. Too much of a high-THC strain can cause some people to feel distressed. This symptom makes it difficult to focus and enjoy the practice.


    How to Combine Cannabis and Yoga

    If you want to try doing yoga while high, we have a few tips to boost the experience. Implement the following ideas to enhance the combination.


    Try Weed By Itself First

    If you’ve never smoked cannabis before, we suggest you try it on its own first. Give yourself two or three times to understand how marijuana affects your body and mind. Keep a journal to note any similarities and discover the pros and cons of consumption.


    Start Small

    When you’re ready to combine yoga and weed, go slow. Start with the smallest dose possible—like one puff on a vape—and begin your routine. If you feel uneasy, take a break, drink water, and get some fresh air.


    The idea of this combination isn’t for you to get stoned. You only want a subtle, mood-boosting buzz to help you focus on breathing and enjoy the practice.


    Try Edibles

    Although smoking weed is the most common consumption method, it’s harsh on your lungs. Ingesting cannabis is easier on your respiratory tract, and the buzz lasts longer. Remember that the onset of effects also takes a while—up to an hour.


    Dose your edibles carefully to ensure you only consume a tiny amount. Weed in this form produces steady, physical effects, which go hand-in-hand with a yoga session.


    Eat Well and Stay Hydrated

    When doing yoga while consuming cannabis, keep a sugary snack close. Something small like gummy bears or bite-sized fruit chunks is ideal. These foods digest easily, keep up your strength, and lower the risk of blood sugar drops.


    A regular yoga session requires you to have a bottle of water to hand. Cannabis is renowned for making consumers thirsty, so staying hydrated is even more important when mixing the two.


    Take It Easy

    The first time you blend marijuana and yoga, take it easier than you usually would during a session. Cannabis may make you feel more relaxed but can sometimes affect your coordination. Before you get used to the combination, don’t try anything too adventurous.


    Find the Ideal THC:CBD Balance

    Remember, practicing yoga while high isn’t supposed to put you into a couchlock. When picking a strain to consume before your session, take note of the THC and CBD levels. These are the two primary compounds in weed, and they affect you differently.


    THC produces psychoactive sensations, while CBD is non-psychotropic. Both allow consumers to relax, so a balance of the two can work well.


    The Ultimate Relaxing Yoga Session

    There’s no denying the anecdotal evidence of how weed may benefit your yoga practice. Take it slowly and enjoy an enhanced session. Why not take it further and grow your own?


    Cannabis is legal to cultivate in many states, and you could have a homegrown stash ready to enjoy before every practice. Namaste.


    Cortney Bennett

    Author info: Cortney Bennett, a pharmacist at I49 Seed Bank, with 5+ years in the pharmacy field regarding cannabis. Cortney constantly upgrades her knowledge and skills in the weed industry. She has learned the characteristics of the different marijuana types and their effects on the human body in detail. Her constant thirst for knowledge allows her to stay up to date with all the latest research and discoveries in the cannabis field.

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