Yalla Hummus and Grill: Your New Favorite Lunch Spot

    As a man who travels throughout the country, I’ve become very sick and tired of “road food.” Road food is the greasy, cheap, found-everywhere fast food that typically ends up being the staple of a traveler who is on the road and can’t always afford the time or the money to eat out at upscale restaurants all the time.

    Road food like McDonald’s, Waffle House, or KFC does not do a body good. It leaves me feeling sick, bloated, and not the least bit happy. When I was in Connecticut, I recently stumbled upon a rare find that deserves a lot more praise. I’m talking, of course, about Fairfield’s Yalla Hummus and Grill.

    Yalla is the type of food just about everyone who is on the road wishes they could find more often. It’s affordable. It’s light. It’s flavorful Mediterranean-style food that can be eaten quickly and ordered in a snap. Best of all? Yalla’s menu is completely designed to have your health in mind.

    When I tried one of their salads dishes with Harissa and Yalla falafel, it was a huge breath of fresh air. Everything about this salad tasted crisp, as if they actually went out to pick it from the garden. I finished off my meal with some lemonade, which tasted absolutely refreshing. Unlike other lemonades I’ve tried, it was sweet without being syrupy or cloyingly sugary.

    The food was incredibly tasty and filled the air with delicious Mediterranean aromas. If that isn’t impressive enough, finding out how quickly they could whip together my dish was. I don’t think it took more than three minutes!

    It has been a very long time since I had food that was this fresh and this healthy at a restaurant. I needed to know what they did, how they did it. So, I did a little bit of research on my own to find out more about the restaurant. What I found impressed me even more.

    At Yalla, the owners have made a serious commitment to serving healthy food—and they’re not just talking about the nutritional value, either.  They made sure that Yalla served organic, pesticide-free food made from plants that are non-GMO. And, they’re also dedicated to showing people that healthy food can taste great and be made quickly.

    If that isn’t impressive enough, I also uncovered something else about this totally wholesome venue. Yalla Hummus & Grill also has made a name for itself in the Fairfield community by teaming up with local charities to help feed the poor, educate young people on the importance of healthy good, and promote a healthier lifestyle for everyone in the area.

    I was lucky to have found Yalla while on my travels. Most of the time, being on the road means that you will simply have to resign yourself to foul fast food that’s slathered in grease—and that’s really not fun. If the world had more delicious and wholesome fast-casual venues like Yalla out there, travel would be easier and we all would be a lot healthier and happier for it.

    Check out Yalla here when your in the Fairfield area: https://www.yallaorganicfood.com/


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