X Fashion Style for Him this 2020

    Gentleman, let’s face it. We cannot imagine ourselves going out of the house looking unprepared. Forgetting to brush our teeth, not taking a proper bath and having a bad sense of style are few mishaps we can bring. We don’t want things to be complicated, but at the same time, we want to look our best not only for ourselves but also for others. 

    Having the right kind of style when going out can make you feel comfortable. When you are wearing the right kind of shirt, pants, and shoes, there is no way you can’t get the most out of your time. The bonus part is, you get to learn from that confidence you’ve built to enhance your wardrobe better. So, here are seven fashion styles that you will need for this year. 

    1. Utility Wear

    The last quarter of this decade had been about functionality. Pockets and straps are a few of the many things that this kind of style is focusing on. Brands like Carhartt and Nike elevated the fashion industry with its utility apparel. Nonetheless, it promotes that statement of having presentable clothes with a purpose. 

    Another interesting feature of utility wear is that it pushes the consumer to not buy many clothes. This is because of the durability that these brand materials have, allowing you to invest in also affordable watches and other accessories. 

    2. Vintage Wave

    This trend had never been better in the last few years of the decade. As an accumulation of styles from the different years, vintage wear pumped its way up to the pedestal. Celebrities, musicians, and influencers have been wearing ensembles that looked sepia-old, but are still modish to the modern eyes. 

    Just like utility wear, vintage clothing can cost you the least money you could ever imagine. You don’t need to run to designer stores and spend an oppositely hefty price for a few pieces. Giving yourself some time in the thrift store can cause you less stress and more time thinking about the guilt-free browsing of hangers. 

    3. Grunge/Post-emo

    The new wave of fashion for the youth is more of a rebellious but controlled one. In the older days, teenagers would tuck into their skinny jeans and graphic rock shirts. Now, it is pretty much the same, but with more character and less consciousness. Also, the hairstyle that you might be thinking before was long gone. Rocking minimal cuts are the way to go with these. 

    4. Relaxed Athleisure

    Drop the spandex and feel the loose fabric of cropped joggers and hoodies. The evolution of athleisure had come to a different height, and it all boiled down to being relaxed. Just get in a pair of trainers and an old trusty runner’s hat and you are more than good to go. 

    5. Skateboard Wear

    Streetwear had been dominating the youth scene nowadays. With a vast variety of skateboard shoes and apparel, one can’t go wrong in flexing. Prominent brands like Vans, Converse and other merchandise collaborators are one of today’s emulating trends. Although pricey at some point, having to invest in this sport-inspired look can last you longer that you should expect. 

    Like utility and vintage, skateboard wear is very versatile and knows no limit when it comes to dressing up. It depends on how to tune with your purchases. Also, clothing brands under this trend can be found in almost any retail and thrift stores.

    6. Lazy Essentials

    This trend is famous among musicians and public figures that have influenced despicably. Wearing lazy essentials does not mean that you are “lazy”, it just means that you must not focus heavily on looking good. The fewer clothes you add to complete your look, the better. 

    Throw in an old shirt and some rugged jeans with your beater shoes and you’re good to go. Match these with your dad hat or wayfarers to accent your fit with subtlety. This is usually common when you want to look low-profile or “lowkey” in public. This justifies your principle in style, hence the name of the trend. 

    7. Everything oversized

    If you have been noticing Kanye West, Billie Eilish, and some Japanese style bloggers, their clothes are way off of the standard size. Oversized shirts and baggy pants are also in for this year’s style. This trend allows your body to look carved with a different silhouette, making you boxier rather than round or lumpy. 

    This expresses the geometric figure outside of a human shape, making the clothes look simpler and stylish. Although, experimenting on this style should be done with proper research. 


    Whenever you are looking for a perfect fit for a certain activity, always take note of the trends that pass by. These do not allow you to only look cool, but to a certain degree, these allow yourself to become aware of your body. Investing in clothes regularly gives you the advantage of learning new trends and hacks every day. 


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