Workout Wednesday: The Next Frontier In Training


    Fitness and well-being  are about more than regular exercise and good nutrition. While those play an important role, I’ve always believed in focusing on the person as a whole. That means bringing the latest in equipment, research and techniques to my clients – lately, clients and trainers have been raving about P-DTR, a new form of therapy that eliminates lingering and chronic pains.


    Proprioceptive – Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR) is a new form of therapy that addresses musculoskeletal problems (injuries, lingering pain, etc.) by focusing on our body’s receptor system. Sensory receptors throughout our bodies provide our brains with the information they need to move our muscles. Those receptors can send incorrect information to our brains as a result of an injury, surgery, and other stresses, resulting in pain and/or difficulty with movement. There are currently only fourteen trainers nationwide that are trained in P-DTR, and four of them are at DIAKADI.

    P-DTR uses a comprehensive system of muscle testing and neural challenges to locate “faulty” receptors and restore normal function, rapidly and effectively resetting our receptors so our body can function at its best. In a typical session, a trainer trained in P-DTR will look at movement patterns, imbalances, pain and dysfunction and work with clients to treat those.


    • Accelerating recovery from acute injuries
    • Eliminating lingering dysfunction and pain from chronic injuries
    • Eliminating the debilitating effects of repetitive stress
    • Optimizing athletic performance
    • Restoring muscle function and coordination quickly
    • Increasing range of motion, strength and stamina
    • Achieving quick, long-lasting results
    • Maximizing stability and balance throughout the entire body

    We’ve already seen a number of these benefits after P-DTR sessions with clients at DIAKADI. Leland T. worked with Bob Gaszo, MS P-DTR, to solve one of his most intractable physical ailments. “A high school lifting injury had left my left shoulder & shoulder blade with seriously challenged movement patterns that significantly limited my strength and range of motion. Through a short series of sessions we eliminated the majority of the range of motion constraints and drastically improved my strength. It is truly miraculous at times how simply Bob is able to remove a stubborn pain, a physical limitation, or a hidden inhibitor to your body’s strength and unleash a newer, more capable you.”

    Our trainers have also seen results. Tom Armenta, a personal trainer at DIAKADI, says “P-DTR has given me a greater understanding of the entire body and how it deals with injuries and pain. It has given me tools to assess and treat my clients and to have them reduce their pain and in some cases completely eliminate it. My clients have become much more aware of their bodies and this has helped tremendously when training them. They have become more conscious of what they are feeling and are more open to slowing things down and address the issues that may be causing weakness.


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