New Theory, Magazine for Millennials Survey Featured on CBS News [Video]

    In a recent survey conducted by our staffers at New Theory Magazine, an official authoritative source on millennial culture, CBS News highlighted a live segment titled, Millennials & Money April 27, 2016. In a digital age where multimedia reigns supreme, and as it is evolving, Gen Y-ers are struggling with job security, financial properties, and building their savings accounts, especially after extended education promising a better future, yet leaving them in more debt. Most Millennials find they are having to make sacrifices regarding their lifestyle by staying at home with mom & dad for as long as possible in an attempt to preserve and sustain the “America Dream”. But does that mean they are searching for economic pity?

    New Theory led the forefront of the filmed conversation solidifying their place as a successful platform, essentially run by these said “Millennials”. Senior Writer Andrea Cirillo expressed her personal insight on the subject matter. “Millennials will admit to frequent job-hopping in order to obtain more money at the next one. Year longs stints in each place, sometimes six months at a time, in order to cultivate as much experience, growth and knowledge in every position. I believe this will add to personal income and increase worth as a top-tier professional. I’m looking out for the best interest of my older self.”

    As current political debates help fuel the fire to ongoing campaigns, there seems to be a constant disconnect about the characteristics which define Millennials and how they approach wages, salary, and understanding the economy. Many employers are taking advantage of the younger demographic by extending offers under the appropriate market rates. Opposing views are having a heavier impact by neglecting the reality of millennial concerns with negative implications. “Millennials are tired of being referred to as lazy or entitled, it goes way beyond that. I am well-educated, competent, pursing my passion and still learning to balance it all. From a financial standpoint, I have to be strategic which is why I chose my path. I’m still not where I want to be. The job market has postponed many other areas of my life from moving forward and/or feeling established. Millennials are tech-savvy, innovative, value experience over materials and are tired of the labels,” says Content Director Jessica Schirripa.

    Although there seems to be a slew of conflicting reports and data, Thomas La Vecchia, publisher of the media hub confirms, “Working with Millennials has taught me a few things about their behaviors derived from their attitudes, like using transportation more efficiently for instance. The uberization mentality. So for example, we go to buy a car. We spend $45,000 on a car and that money essentially goes from us to the car company. They believe instead of buying the whole pizza, just buy a slice.”

    Regardless of perspective and what an individual’s expectations may be, the generations prior were able to construct stability with a comfortable standard of living (fundamentally transforming nothing into something), while Millennials withstand a variety of distinct economic and social issues, they are learning to adjust accordingly.

    About New Theory:

    New Theory Magazine represents a unique voiced dubbed, “the core of Generation Why?”

    The online and print publication provides a daily dose of Mature Millennial principles as told through the eyes of authentic Generation Y staff writers, personalities, influencers and contributors. As New Theory Magazine delivers exclusive access into the mind of the Mature Millennial covering inspirational business, finances, technology, health, fitness, fashion, beauty, celebrity news, music, trending topics with the most refreshing satire! The evolution of Millennial media promises more than just a generational guide in entertainment leisure, but a lifestyle full of prosperity where your voice can be heard.

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    • TJP3

      Respectfully buy the used 12,000 car as a car if you commute. You dont need a 45000 car because you cant afford it. Insurance is 1800 a year.

      Interesting on Uber Surburbia: Uber is 1.5x a cab and now even more inflated. $15 cab LB Patten Ave to AP Cookman. Uber $31. Then their is surge pricing combined with many cars in suburbia being categorized as black cars because they have a third row. Go to cabs. Buy a cheaper car. And maybe a clean driving record, insurance goes to 1300/yr. Cheers!

      • Daniel Nasello

        I don’t kmow where you live but in NJ car insurance for good drivers is still 200/mo at LEAST.

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