Buti yoga seems to be the new mantra among celebrity women. It seems that Julia Roberts and Jennifer Love Hewitt love Buti yoga. After hearing this, I couldn’t resist myself from trying it out and to my surprise, I noticed change in my abdominal structure within first two classes. My body felt so light and it was then my love affair with Buti yoga started. If you are looking for a new exercise routine, you should definitely check this out. Being a fusion of power yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics, almost everyone who tries it will become an ardent fan. Bizzie gold, the founder of Buti yoga created the Spiral Structure technique which instantly transforms your body. This high intensity workout transforms you inside out. It is getting popular day by day and is ranked one among the highly effective exercises for women.


    The word Buti is an Indian Marathi word, which means “that which cures”Buti is not your typical exercise, but it is a movement to awaken female energy, a spiritual journey that inspires and transforms you into a beautiful and powerful human being. It is a great therapy that gives you fit mind in addition to fit body. It teaches women to embrace their bodies and love what they have. Whatever may be the shape or size of your body, Buti teaches you to love accept and love it. You suddenly start feeling confident and empowered. That is the amazing power of Buti!!

    To me, Buti is a religion. I am very much surprised at the amazing support Buti sisters give one another. They inspire and help each other throughout this journey. You will feel connected to one another in a Buti class, which I haven’t found with any other form of exercise. The moves are very sexual, which I found that some women don’t like. But I feel that it is a great way to get rid of the negative energy stuck in the lower parts of your body. Movement of hips and core in circles and buti shakes brings you nothing but joy. It balances out your chakras and you feel like an achiever!! The main focus of Buti yoga is on deep core engagement and in no time, you will be left with six pack abs!!

    I am a big fan of yoga but always felt that something is missing in it. I felt that I needed an exercise that can really cut down my calories at a faster pace in addition to the benefits yoga provides. And, this was my answer!! Combined with Kundalini yoga, this workout has traditional yoga poses like downward dog and chaturanga, and also the buti shakes and pops from the tribal dance. This is the best workout for yoga lovers who would love to introduce the cardio component into their yoga.

    “Buti is all about working and stretching” says Bizze. She designed the workout in such a way that the front and back of the core are toned at the same time, which you usually don’t find in any other workout. The whole tribal music setting, the awesome support in the buti tribe, the powerful moves take you into a whole new world in a Buti class, which one should certainly experience!!  With buti, every class seems to be exciting because you never get to take the same class twice. The music, moves and flow keep changing and you get a whole new experience each time!! This is a fun, challenging workout for dance lovers.

    The buti tribe usually follows a grain free, dairy free diet designed by the celebrity trainer, Bizze gold. She is an awesome human being, powerful woman and is a great inspiration!! After reading this, if you are inspired to try out this workout, youtube has some great videos to start off with!! Check them out and experience this celebrity favorite yoga!! Get ready to burn some serious calories and use muscles that you didn’t even know you have them, all these years!! Get on the mat and let go!!

    • I am beauty obsessed, “more of skincare, less of makeup” kind of girl. Writing about health and beauty is my passion. I love to experiment with different beauty concoctions and come out with magical recipes for skin and hair care. I follow a healthy lifestyle, eat organic and love to do yoga. I love to read books on Ayurveda, yoga and beauty. I am a crafty person who loves to make cards, scrapbooks and DIY room decors. I strive to keep my readers updated on the beauty trends, DIY skin/hair care recipes, health and fitness tips, fashion /beauty hauls, healthy recipes and sales.

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