Why You Need A Home Water Filter

    Water is life, and we need it daily for drinking, cleaning, cooking, and a myriad of other users. However, with the amount of pollution that is going on, getting clean water is not an obvious thing. While most water supplied into homes is chlorinated, it still contains chemical contaminants, which may even be odorless and tasteless. This is mainly because the water picks up different pollutants when leaving water treatment facilities. Investing in a home water filter system would, therefore, be the right call. There are different types of home water filter systems, and you can check out more information on the different options available. 

    It is vital to note that there are different types of home water filter systems. There is the activated carbon, which is the most affordable option, and it is usually installed under the sinks. There is also the ion exchange filter which works by attracting the negatively charged ions. The other group of home water filters employ reverse osmosis and are considered the most effective in getting rid of impurities. A good water filter system will go a long way in ensuring that your home receives a supply of clean water throughout. Here are the benefits of having this system in your home.

    1. Clean and healthy water to drink

     Water coming straight from the treatment plant may not be entirely safe for consumption. Before it runs in your taps, it gets in contact with impurities and contaminants along the way, which makes it unsafe and gives them a bad odor, taste, and color. A good home water filter contains toxins and contaminants in water, including lead, barium, and magnesium, to mention a few. These ions and metals are harmful to your body, but they also damage pipes in your home.

    1. Reducing skin problems

    Did you know that contaminated water can lead to skin issues? It also affects your hair and nails. Chlorine, fluoride, and heavy metals in contaminated water can lead to or aggravate skin conditions. Filtered water will make your skin softer and brighter. It is also great for use by people living with conditions such as eczema. Chlorine dries out the hair, causing damage in the long run. 

    Installing a water filter system in your home will save you the cost of buying products to reverse the damage done to your skin and hair.

    1. Eliminating the need for constant plumbing repair

    As you are well aware, plumbing repairs are the most expensive when it comes to the maintenance of a home. Heavy metals such as lead, calcium and magnesium cause damage to water pipes in your plumbing system. When you have a water filter system, the metals alongside other impurities are completely removed from the water running in the pipes. This prevents damage to your plumbing costs and reduces repair costs. 

    1. Cost-effective

    There are many ways in which a water filter system can be cost-effective. For one, it reduces the costs of repair of your home plumbing system. Homes that don’t filter their water often buy bottled water for drinking. This is pretty expensive as the consumption of water is high per day. With filtered water, you will not be required to include bottled water in your shopping budget as you will have clean water for drinking. The cost of replacing bottled water is double the cost you will incur in replacing your water filter annually.

    Note that the metals in contaminated water do not only affect the plumbing system. Other appliances in your home that handle water can also be damaged. The appliances include dispensers, showerheads, washing machines, dishwashers, and icemakers, to mention a few. The cost of repairs and replacement of these appliances is high.

    1. Makes drinking water taste better

    You are supposed to take a minimum of eight glasses of water every day in order to maintain perfect health. However, you have to agree that achieving this is not always easy, especially if the water is not tasting great. Both natural inorganic and organic chemical contaminants can change the taste and smell of water. 

    While eliminating contaminants and improving the quality of your drinking water, filtering will also enhance its taste-making your water drinking experience amazing. Filtering also gives your water a neutral PH of 7, which is good for your health.

    1. Eliminate the possibility of developing gastrointestinal complications

    Contaminated water causes different forms of diarrhea, in which others can be life-threatening. This is because contaminated water carries a wide range of bacteria such as shigella, salmonella, protozoa, such as amoeba and rotavirus, to mention a few. These organisms cause fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and many other forms of gastrointestinal infections. 

    Through filtration, the microorganisms that cause these infections are removed, making the water safe for consumption. 

    1. Contingency plan for sewer bursts

    Sewer bursts take place from time to time due to several reasons. It could be cracks in pipes or crevices in foundations. Sometimes they are gradual and may take a while before you notice them. As silent as they are, sewer bursts can be deadly, mainly because they can contaminate your piped water. In case a sewer burst happens as a result of the overflowing of a waste treatment cycle, among many other things, your water will remain safe if you have a water filter system. 

    If you have installed an advanced water filter system in your home, your water will not get contaminated even if a sewer burst happens in your neighborhood.

    While installing a water filter system in your house is beneficial, it is essential to choose the right one. To pick the right one, you must consider your water consumption needs and goals. Also, it is crucial to investigate what is in your water in order to pick the most effective system. Remember that there are different types of filters, with varying levels of effectiveness. It is essential to think through this when making your purchase in order to meet your household water purifying needs. 



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