Why Now is the Best Time for You to Invest in Cryptocurrencies

    Should you invest in Cryptocurrency?

    New Theory hosted Joshua Finkleman of Colorado Blockchain Capital which is a first ever cryptocurrency hedge fund out of Colorado.

    Show Notes:

    Cryptocurrency is the new technology essentially competing with the monetary banking system. Joshua Finkleman from Colorado Blockchain Capital, describes what are crypto assets. He launched a hedge fund which invests primarily in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology: “I use the term hedge fund loosely,” said Finkleman, “the fund is more similar to a venture capital fund…and early stage blockchain technology startups.” This allows retail investors to participate, and the hope for these investor companies proliferating in blockchain based projects to provide profitable returns back to the investors. His enthusiasm in the space centers around the advantages of leveraging blockchain technology to decrease transaction times, remove intermediaries, reduce friction, and lower borders in the payments, banking and remittance spaceBlockchain technology has the potential to accomplish every goal Finkleman has expressed. He wants to expose more people to this new type of asset simply because of the enormous opportunity it can generate. The multitude of industries impacted byblockchain technology will range from supply chain to stock exchanges to banking and many other industries. 

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    To learn more about investing in cryptocurrency go to: https://www.coloradoblockchaincapital.com/