Top 10 Things Everyone Who Has Two Jobs Knows To Be True

    Having two jobs, also known as “juggling,” is becoming increasingly common. With underemployment and burgeoning student loans, many people are now forced to pick up two jobs or more just to stay afloat. If you’ve ever had two jobs, you already may know the feelings behind some of these common occurrences.

    1. Time to do your hair? HA! Good luck trying to make time to do your hair, your nails, or even go grocery shopping. Every minute outside of work will have to be rationed out carefully in order to keep yourself looking human and not starve to death while doing it.
    1. You will eventually begin dreaming of work on a regular basis.
      It’s not necessarily nightmares that you’ll have unless you really have a boss from hell. However, you will end up dreaming of work regularly, simply because that is all you ever really do these days. This is, of course, you even sleep at all.
    2. After a while of working two jobs, you will end up feeling like those who only work part-time are deadbeats.
      They whine that they are tired after working only 30 hours per week? Compared to your 50, 60 or even 80 hour workweeks, they have no room to complain about being tired. After working so hard, you often won’t be able to stand hearing about how friends who aren’t working as much as you can’t afford your stuff.
    3. Vacations become a commodity that you will strive for.
      And when you have a vacation, you will go BIG! Why? Because you have enough money to do so! Vacations will become something you will also yearn for – unless of course, you view your job as your dream job.
    4. Your routine is likely very rigid.
      Some people may have a little bit of leeway when it comes to their after-work plans, but not you! You have a set schedule from two different establishments, which means that you often will end up scrambling to make sure that you’re on time for work. Anyone who wants to schedule something with you will have to work around your schedule.
    5. Your closet will magically transform into work clothes and little else.
      You have enough button down shirts to last a lifetime. Your pants are all slacks – not jeans with holes in them. Your work uniform is on at least three different hangers, and your laundry basket is filled with work clothes. Where are your party clothes, you ask? Well, they have been collecting dust in the basement for quite a while…
    6. There will be times when you notice you’re being overworked and it’s affecting your mood. Eventually, there will be points in your life where you will want to tell people to lay off you and just let you rest. When this happens, it’s best to be blunt and tell people that you need your sleep. Even so, it can be very aggravating to have so many people ask for attention when you can’t even pay attention to yourself half the time.
    7. Your entourage will quickly turn into people who you know from work, or fellow workaholics.Work has a weird way of bleeding into your outside life, and when you work two jobs, that often means that you will have an entire posse of coworker friends who you will know both inside and outside of the office. This is not a bad thing, and they often can become lifelong friends.
    8. You might still question whether or not you’re doing enough.
      People with multiple jobs often push themselves to the limit, primarily because they want to get achievement and recognition in at least one field. You may wonder whether or not you’re working enough hours, or whether you’re making enough of an impact at your jobs. This is totally normal.
    9. Work might also become a way to channel stress and escape life.You’d be surprised at how much work can take away from daily stressors. If you focus deeply at work, you will likely find yourself with a fatter paycheck, a better temper, and lower blood pressure than if you were to have spent time at home fretting and obsessing about the problems you have.

    Work is good, mmkay?

    • Tom La Vecchia

      Founder of New Theory & X Factor Media

      Founder and Publisher of New Theory Magazine and Podcast. Serial Entrepreneur who loves wine, cigars and anything that allows to people to connect and share experiences.

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