4 Ways Small Businesses Can Cut Postage Costs

    Small costs can add up quickly whether you’re running a business or calculating personal expenses. Fortunately, small businesses can find ways to cut costs on smaller expenses like postage whether they are sending packages or billing statements.

    Here are four ways small businesses can cut their postage costs.

    Don’t Guess

    If you’re guessing how much postage is for mailing oversized envelopes, then you could end up sending way too much on it. It is better to be precise and save a few cents a month than let small costs overrun and end up spending too much by the end of the year.

    Instead of guessing about the cost of postage, buy a postage scale to weigh mail, so you know exactly how many stamps you’ll need to send a catalog, a small purchase, or important paperwork to clients in large or padded envelopes.

    Cut Costs by Cutting Mailings

    Instead of sending every bill, notice, or announcement from your company via the mail, give your clients the option of e-billing and employees texts for announcements. While not every client has email, most them do and receiving information electronically may be more convenient for them.

    Along with paying postage, your company must also pay to process checks that are sent in to pay bills. Check processing costs anywhere from $4 to $20 per check.

    So, if you have dozens of checks coming in each month, that can quickly add up to thousands of dollars you can avoid spending with e-billing.


    Print as Needed

    Instead of buying stamps or postage in bulk, print stamps as they are needed. Your business may send different size envelopes to vendors, clients, and for sending catalogs or calendars, which means you would be paying different postage amounts.

    Keeping dozens of stamps in different denominations would be expensive. Printing postage as you need it could help you save money on stamps, as well as the time it would take to buy them at the post office.

    Along with being able to buy stamps online, you can print postage on demand, or customize stamps with the company logo and motto of your business.

    Purchase a Meter

    If your company is growing rapidly, another good option for saving money on postage is to purchase a postage meter. It allows you to weigh, scan, process, and print postage for mail and packages on site.

    You’ll know exactly how much each piece of mail costs, which could save your business up to $4,000 per year. If your businesses mail volume is light, then buying postage online as it is needed may be the best option.

    If your company’s goals include quick expansion, then being prepared for it can prevent you from spending too much for postage unnecessarily.

    From printing postage online to lightening packages by using the lightest packing materials possible, there are several ways to save on the costs of sending letters and orders to clients.

    The previous four suggestions are a good way for any size business to cut the costs of buying postage to send any size envelope or package.


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