Why Harvey Weinstein and Men Like Him Are Monsters with Paula Froelich

    Paula Froelich gives the real deal on how men in power like Harvey do not respect women and what should be done about it.

    The media industry have been built on the “casting couch” as there aren’t many women at the table unless they are taking notes according to Paula Froelich.  Who is Paula Froelich, she is an accomplished journalist who President Donald Trump was quoted as saying “Paula Froelich knows what she is talking about” although I’m sure they do not share the same views. 

    I read her story in the NY Post “Harvey Got Exposed Because He’s Not Profitable Anymore” and needed to have her on the show.  She graced us with her presence by joining the podcast and sharing some serious issues that woman deal with everyday, even in 2017.

    Take a listen to this important podcast:

    To learn more about Paula, check out her website: Paula Froelich

    Photo credit: Time Magazine


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