Bump It Off Cleaning Aid Product Review

    Bump it Off is a reusable silicone sleeve that fits on your hand in multiple positions designed to perform a variety of household tasks efficiently and effectively. Eco-friendly and versatile, this mighty tool features gentle bristles on one side and smooth bumps on the other enabling it to take on any house chore thrown its way. BUMP IT OFF fits comfortably in your hand in multiple positions, allowing you to concentrate scrubbing power in the palm of your hand or on your fingertips. The first product to receive four family choice awards in the same year, BUMP IT OFF is a household rockstar and makes the perfect addition to your house cleaning regimen.

    There are 4 specific ways that this product can be used: Laundry, Kitchen, Pet, and Body, however, I only tried it in 3 areas, laundry kitchen, and pets.


    One of my favorite shirts had a big stain on it, so I sprayed some stain remover on it, and instead of what I usually do which is scrubbing the stains by hand, I decided to use the Bump It Off product. It does make removing the stains much easier and faster. Love it!


    I used the side with the smooth bumps to clean my pan, and it worked terrifically it helped remove the excess food and stains. I also used it Can be difficult home cleaning smaller items like cups etc. but for the most part its a great tool! A must have.


    I have four cats, and as we all know they shed a lot of hair and it can be difficult keeping the house hair free… So I decided to brush the cat’s fur with this product and ever since they don’t shed as much. Their hair coat looks much shinier, and they love it! Most cats don’t like to be brushed, but this feels like you are using your nails or palm of your fingers. Your pets will love it, and you will see an improvement with the shedding.

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