Why German Branded Steins are a Must-Have

    “Stone” in German is “Stein,” derived from the phrase “Stein Krug,” which means “stone mug.”

    Of course, German beer steins are a must-have item for beer lovers or homebrewers, yet it is valuable even to mug collectors and art enthusiasts. 

    In buying products, it is essential to value authenticity. That’s why you must purchase Steins handcrafted in the land of poets and thinkers. Yet, it is unnecessary to fly there to find the perfect authentic German Stein. 

    Kannenbackerland was the first land in Germany to produce German beer steins.

    Online shops sell the most extensive and comprehensive assortment of classic German steins from top manufacturers such as King Werks, Zoller, Born, and Thewalt. 

    Whatever kind of Stein you’re looking for, you’ll find it online!

    Why buy an authentic branded stein?

    Buying a German Stein must imply purchasing a genuine piece of German culture and history. Choosing the correct product ensures the highest possible usage quality, from design to production. 

    Authentic Steins are First Class Styled.

    These handcrafters of German beer steins utilize centuries-old designs that elicit powerful emotions in many consumers, including nostalgia.

    German Beer Steins originally intended to combat the health issues brought by the Bubonic Plague. Strict laws governing ingredient hygiene, shipping, and beer quality have resulted in a dramatic improvement in the flavor of German beer.

    Some believe Stein makers incorporated the cover during the Plague to keep the illness from seeping into the beer. Lids also keep your beer fresher for a more extended period. Several steins are available with elegant pewter coverings to keep your beer fresh and clean.

    Some Beer Steins are intended only for decoration, and others for drinking in the Mantle. The world’s most enormous beer stein holds more than 30 liters of beer, is over 4 feet tall, and weighs more than 35 pounds. It is visually pleasing. However, to drink from it is not the most comfortable.

    Art For Art’s Sake: Renaissance

    The first steins were essential mugs with a hinged lid and a thumb raise. As earthenware progressed, a new material called stoneware appeared. The new non-porous polymer, resistant to chipping and fracturing, was suitable for storing beer.

    The pricey stoneware-lidded drinking vessels immediately became the objects of Renaissance painters, who added ornamentation to make them even more attractive.

    Pride Means True German Tradition in Your Own Home!

    Beer stains are a Family Tradition. Typically, from generation to generation, it is passed on. Families can do this because some of the world’s most excellent potters in Germany’s Westerwald region have produced porcelain steins for centuries. Almost all designed steins sold in select German retailers have ancient roots.

    For germanophiles, buying authentic German steins means being able to carry them home and exhibit them to your comrades.

    Valuable Collections

    Annually, Oktoberfest Munchen has a competition to design the official Oktoberfest logo. Manufacturers will use the winning logo design on a range of products such as t-shirts, mugs, steins, hats, umbrellas, posters, and so on.

    When you buy authentic German beer steins, you get to preserve a keepsake of that annual logo! 

    An old German beer stein is worth between $50 and $5,000. Knowing all that there is to know about your Stein and its current market value among collectors might be the difference of thousands of dollars.

    Ron Fox, an auctioneer, revealed that he once sold a 17th-century American tankard, a form of Stein, for $140,00, which was passed down that mug through a single family’s generations.

    A 1900 German military stein sold for little more than $6,000 in 2018.

    In 2020, a Marzi & Remy pewter lid stein from the 1850s sold for $150.

    If You Purchase, Care For it.

    Maintaining a product’s authenticity is most important in maintaining its original value that grows when cared for by the owner.

    Who would want a price possession to degrade its value over time or, worse, pick a not-so-valuable item in the first place of purchase? So make sure to buy an original for the best experience possible. 

    Know if it is a Valuable Antique or Just a Cool Collectible

    To determine if your Stein is a valuable antique or simply an exciting collectible, look for any indication of how old it is, manufacturing place, and formation process.

    Getting a professional examination from a stein specialist is the best way to evaluate the value of your Stein.

    It would help if you were sure that your beer stein is a genuine German antique rather than a mass-produced promotional item.

    Authentic German Beer Steins are:

    • The pewter lid’s inside should be lighter than the outside, showing authenticity.
    • Hand-painted steins will have minor faults and will feel more upscale. These are more valuable.
    • Hand-carved patterns are more realistic, and those with a German patriotic motif may be more costly.
    • The scenes on Stein should be able to tell a story. A design inspired by the Bible or a historical event may have greater monetary worth.

    To indicate that the entire object is complete, the design on the lid should match the design on the Stein.

    Stein Condition Affects Value

    Because beer steins are for use, fading colors, chipping, and other minor faults are standard in antiques. The condition of your Stein, on the other hand, will affect its value. Your object will be more valuable if it fulfills any or all of these criteria:

    • All of the original components are still in place.
    • No dings, dents, or cracks.
    • No visible signs of repair work.
    • Visible original decorations.
    • No unattractive blemishes.
    • Little to no damage to the front.
    • Properly working lid’s hinge.

    There are several resources available from specialists and avid collectors, ranging from books to websites, to aid you in recognizing an item or developing your collection.


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