Why Facial Beds Are Essential for Spa and Salon Businesses

    When it comes to personal care, they say that first impressions last. For spa and salon businesses, as their customers are people likely with skin issues like acne, skin breakouts, blackhead and large pored, this impression may be hard to come by as positive for them. Hence, facial treatments in spas and salons have been one of the most sought-after procedures in human history. And without the right tools and equipment such as facial beds, doing facial treatments may not be as rewarding.

    Facial treatments often last for hours especially when a regimen has still been started out and identified skin problems are still numerous. The clients who often had to have professional help need to feel comfortable and facial beds where they are lying on should offer this kind of comfort. Comfortable facial beds are welcoming and make the long hours of treatment manageable for clients. Investing for the best facial beds that a business can afford is advisable. Choosing the best ones in the market that meet both quality and style to better serve clients as they come for facial treatments is highly recommended.

    What Are Facial Beds?

    Facial beds are beds used both in medical and cosmetic clinics and in spas and salons to perform various facial treatments. Common facial beds have the basic mechanisms to lower or increase the bed height, to be swiveled and moved. They can also be equipped with containers to hold various tools and materials for the facial procedures such as towels, cleansers, scrubs and some may even have attachments for the lighting and magnifying tool to better visualized the client’s skin during the procedures. Some facial beds are made of aluminum or steel allow frames to make it more lightweight and portable as the older versions of facial beds were fixed and heavy. 

    It is safe to say that facial beds are the most important equipment that a spa or salon business offering facial treatments must have as without them it cannot be done properly and clients may feel unsatisfied. When clients are unhappy, this can be detrimental to the business. So, investing in more modern and high-styled facial beds may be the key for clients to come back for more of facial treatments offered.

    Having the best facial beds will give your business a competitive advantage over other spas and salons offering facial treatments. When clients are happy because newer, more comfortable facial beds were purchase, they will keep coming back. Also, the staff will also find it enjoyable to work with the more efficient models of facial beds and will immensely improve their workmanship. Of course, the facial bed is just second to the treatments that your spa or salon can offer so make sure to also work on that.

    What Kind of Facial Beds to Buy?

    Facial beds have a big market as spas and salons have emerged from urban cities to even remote places for people looking to destress and relax. There are numerous kinds of facial beds to choose from varying from functionality to design. But one thing to seriously consider is how comfortable it will be for clients. Clients will spend hours and hours on end on facial beds for their facial treatments, and clients always prefer facial beds that are made of breathable and cool material. Only this way will they enjoy the experience of coming into the spa or salon. Uncomfortable facial beds will give clients back pains and complications in the long term. 

    The second thing to consider is that it should have a sturdy but lightweight structure. It should be sturdy enough not to creak and crack no matter what weight the client has. Opt also for facial beds with a darker finish to give off a modern and minimalist design that can blend in various room settings. Avoid older models that somehow give off a stainless-steel surgical table vibe as they are the least appealing to clients. 

    Consider also the versatility of facial beds when it comes to necessary attachments such as caddies to hold small facial tools and materials. Choose also facial bed models with accompanying stool for the esthetician made especially compatible for the bed purchased. 

    Finally, consider brands of facial beds that offer warranties in case of flaws and defects. Warranties that shoulder costs for repairs and replacements are also ideal.

    Where to Buy Facial Beds?

    As facial beds are the most popular spa and salon equipment, there are a number of brands and stores that sell them. Depending on the country of residence, online shops also offer the same options. Thus, facial beds are easy to find both outside and, on the internet, nowadays.

    Some owners of spas and salons can now look at vendor websites and browse stocks online. They can now compare features, prizes and promo packages if any without actually contacting and inquiring from the sellers of facial beds. They can also examine the feedbacks and reviews left by those who have purchased the facial beds previously. Some buyers may go to an extent of checking out actual facial beds in spa clinics nearby so they can try it in person and see if it deserves the purchase.

    Other Factors to Consider When Buying Facial Beds

    Again, the best facial beds should meet the needs of both the clients and estheticians. Different facial beds can be classified according to several features. And some of these are:

    • The Budget

    Quality does not come cheap. This is also true for facial beds as quality facial beds are quite pricey. A great bed may cost as high as $2,500 and the lower price range is around $600 to $1,000. Less pricey options are also they’re offering fewer features, comfort and durability. So depending on the budget in hand, facial beds can be readily purchased.

    • The Spa or Salon Space

    When thinking about buying a facial bed, make sure to consider the size of the treatment room where the bed will be stationed. Proportions should be right. The room with the bed in it should not be too crowded that it makes the esthetician’s work hard and less efficient. Consider also the height and the length of the facial bed – these factors should also be proportionate to the measurements of the room.

    • Its Portability

    In purchasing facial beds as in anything, beginning with the end in mind is the point. Depending on their supposed use, facial beds can be purchased to be stationary or portable. When thinking of using facial beds for on-site treatments or home service, portable facial treatments are more convenient and therefore should be purchased. However, if it is for the spa or salon room facial treatment only, and you are planning to use it for a long time, purchasing durable, stationary facial beds with all the additional features is more suitable.

    • Its Mechanism

    Hydraulic and electrical facial bed mechanisms are widely available. Hydraulic facial beds have foot pedal height adjustments that pump the bed height up and down. Some hydraulic beds aside from the height adjustment, have a rotational base of up to 360° rotation that can help estheticians with movement and reach. Electric facial beds, on the other hand, give estheticians more control in comfort. The back-rest and leg-rest of the facial bed can be allowed to move up and down. It can also come with an extra cushion for comfort. Some electric facial beds have 2 to 4 motor engines and are remote-controlled.

    • Its Adjustability

    Important facial bed adjustments can include head angling, leg height and bed height. These adjustments when allowed can meet the needs of clients regarding comfort. These features are also important for estheticians to work on facial treatments in an ergonomically friendly posture.

    Whatever the settings they are to be used for, numerous options and variations of facial beds can be found both online and offline to meet the needs of both spa clients and estheticians. 


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