Turn Your Skincare Routine into a Mindful Ritual


    One of the pillars of mindful living is letting go of the past, not obsessing about the future, and simply focusing on the present. In today’s hectic world in which we tick off our achievements and run off frantically chasing the next thing, or sit and dwell over events past, the art of mindful living is something each and every one of us should master.

    Meditation is a great gateway to mastering this ‘skill’ as it helps you decompress, breathe, and be truly present in the moment you’re in, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Then comes the more difficult feat – implementing the basics of mindfulness into your daily life.

    Be Aware

    You need to be aware and soak up every experience – good or bad. It takes some time for this to become second nature to you, but soon enough you’ll be taking long mindful walks, be completely aware of your surrounding and be able to fully rejoice every great moment, and embrace and accept the bad ones. As mindfulness envelops you and extends to every aspect of your life, it’s bound to ‘make its way’ into such seemingly small and habitual rituals as skincare. There is definitely more to skincare than just slathering products in the right order, and with a mindful approach you can turn this daily ‘chore’ into a wonderful and fulfilling experience that both your soul and your skin will benefit from.

    Take your time

    Forget all about the rush and the tasks that await you. Steal the time to focus on yourself and transform your skincare routine into your own personal form of meditation. Use an opportunity to look into the mirror, examine and admire your skin. Look at its flaws, see what needs most tending to. Remember that episode of Sex and the City in which Charlotte reveals that she likes to study her pores in a magnifying mirror? Do exactly that – look into your skin the way you’ve never done before. If you can, light a few candles and turn on some soothing music. Then, begin your ritual and relish every step of your routine.

    Product matter

    Of course, mindfulness extends to making mindful and well-informed purchasing decisions. You want only the best for your skin, so do your research and find not only the types of products that will cater to your concerns and be suitable for your skin type, but follow the natural path and look for natural and organic products that only bring the best of nature to your skin. Look for products that come from such renowned skincare companies as the amazing l’occitane, which offers a wide range of carefully selected products made from such soothing ingredients as lavender and almond. These won’t only put your skin at ease, but the scent will tranquilize your mind and spirit and bring serenity to your body.

    Take mindful steps

    Taking your time, start with a replenishing face wash. Gently wash your skin using circular motions. Massage your temples, cheeks and forehead. Feel the impurities leave your skin and see the splash of water on your face as a rejuvenating act.

    Then, gently dab your skin dry, look at your gorgeous bare face in the mirror and proceed with your routine. Put a few drops of the toner and again, gently move the cotton pad over your skin and get rid of any excess impurities.

    Now that you feel as good as new, it’s time to pamper the skin with a great natural oil-based serum. Don’t rush this; feel the oil on your fingers, warm it up patiently and start gently pressing it into the skin with relaxing circular motions. Keep your hands over your face for an entire minute. Enjoy the smell of oil and feel it work its magic on your skin.You already feel replenished and pampered.

    Now, sit back, look out the window, enjoy the view and take long sips of your favorite beverage and enjoy every single sip. Then, when the oils have penetrated the skin, it’s time to seal the deal with a great organic moisturizer. The time between these two steps isn’t only a mindful pause, it’s actually beneficial for the skin. Products need time to ‘settle in’ and piling them on at the speed of light minimizes their effect.

    Even when you apply a facial mask every so often, sit back and relax. Stop looking at the clock, stop checking when it’s time to remove it. This is your time.

    Think of skincare as an act of self-love, and through it, convince yourself how much your quality ‘me’ time matters. How much you matter.

    Skincare isn’t superficial, it’s not skin deep. It’s one of the ultimate signs of self-care and preservation.

    Be consistent

    Just like you wouldn’t waste someone else’s time, by say, cancelling an appointment at the last moment, make a pact with yourself that you will not ‘cancel’ your newfound skincare ritual. This is a long-term commitment, one that will bring radiance to your skin and serenity during those pampering moments, so never give that up. Don’t forget to compliment yourself, out loud, and tell yourself how beautiful you are. Positive affirmations do wonders for the mind, and just as you often tell others that you love them, tell yourself that as well – express love towards your unique flaws as well.

    Finally, following the teachings of both Holistic and Ayurvedic approach to wellness and skincare, mind what you bring into your body, because everything we eat reflects on our skin. Prepare meals that are good for your body and soul, and it will show on the skin as well. Topical solutions are important, but there is no true health and radiance on the outside if there is none on the inside.


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