What You Should Know Before Buying An Instant Pot

    If you live in North America, you probably know someone who owns an Instant Pot. You might be wondering if it is the right purchase for you. Before you buy any household appliance, you’ll need to determine if there is a need for it for in the first place. Will it make your life better? Is it energy-efficient? These are the questions you should be asking since the appliance could be expensive and you don’t want to waste money on just another aesthetic appliance. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind before buying an instant pot.

    There are a Few Versions

    You can’t just go out there and ask for an instant pot. You’re likely to encounter a couple of versions. You might be buying the instant pot so that you can try out something you found on Corrie Cooks but you don’t know the right pot to go for. There is the 6-quart model which starts at $99 and there is also the 5-quart model which can range from $93-135. There are some models that come equipped with Bluetooth functionality and can cost up to $200. This can come in handy if you’re tech-savvy and you’re looking to turn your house in a smart home.

    It is Cheap

    The best-selling version just costs under $100. You can get it online from stores like Amazon and more. This version is more than capable of handling all the instant pots recipes you’ll find. You don’t have to worry that you’ll be missing out if you don’t buy the most expensive version of the instant pot.

    They’re Cheaper

    Instant pots weren’t so cheap just a couple of years ago. Manufacturers realized that the only way they could reach the masses is by offering fair prices on their products. The prices keep going down and it won’t come as a surprise when the expensive models start selling for less than $100.

    Fast and Flavorful

    These two traits are the main selling point for the instant pots. Meals that usually took hours to prepare can be done in minutes. You also don’t lose the flavor which is something that good cooks pay close attention. There will be no need for a lot of spices since the original taste and color of the food is maintained.


    This is also another selling point for instant pots. There are several safety features that have been incorporated even on the base models. You will know when the cooker is not shut correctly. You can also set the time for cooking. Such features are only found in high-end conventional cookers.

    Best For Tender Foods

    There are foods that you’d like to be tender and that is where a pressure cooker comes highly recommended. It is good for most meats and you can expect really tender meals when cooked properly.

    Not Recommended for Crusty Foods

    The instant pot might not be the best choice if you want to cook crusty or crunchy meals. Potatoes and chicken will not have that crunchy feel when they’re cooked on an instant pot. Most crunchy foods will wilt under pressure.

    Millions of Recipes

    You will never run out of options of what to cook when you buy an instant pot. There are millions of recipes waiting to be explored. You might find it overwhelming trying to make a decision on what to cook. The secret is to find recipes of foods you enjoy. This will make it easy to narrow down on the recipes since you can’t go through all of them.


    There has been an ongoing debate on the user-friendliness of the instant pot. There are those who find it easy to use while others see the numerous buttons to be confusing. The buttons are clearly labeled and there are tons of tutorials on how to use the cooker. It will not take a lot of time before you’re used to cooking using the instant pot. You will find it a lot easier to cook with it compared to the traditional cookers.

    It Can Brown Meat

    This is only when you use the saute function. There are three settings to choose from depending on the instant pot that you’ll be using.

    To sum it up, investing in an instant pot will not be a bad idea if you’re looking to prepare meals fast and easy. You get to cook meals with a fraction of the time and you don’t have to worry about losing nutrients.


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