What Is the Best Cable Alternative?

    Cord-cutting may have become super popular in recent years due to the ever-growing prices on cable, but once you do cut the cord, there’s got to be something else waiting to fill that void in your life. 

    Thankfully, there are now several cable alternatives you can enjoy. But are they all equally good? Let’s see what the best cable alternatives are. 

    Streaming services

    Streaming services are the obvious go-to, and the whole reason why a lot of people give up cable to begin with. It’s an enticing offer – so much content in the same place, and for prices that should be lower than your regular cable subscription. 

    Here are the best streaming services that are now at your disposal. 


    • Netflix


    Netflix is obviously the most popular contender out there, and the one that got a lot of previous cable subs to cut the cord and switch to streaming. Netflix has an extensive library of diverse content, including TV shows, movies, and documentaries of all genres, plus some high-quality original content. 


    • Hulu


    Hulu hasn’t always been a service that seemed a big threat to other established services, like Amazon Prime or Netflix, but what has changed for Hulu is the fact that it’s been putting out very good, high-quality original content. 


    • DisneyPlus


    Disney may just end up changing the streaming game. It’s been pulling all of its content from other streaming platforms in order to consolidate them on its own platform. Not only will that give you access to all the titles under the Disney umbrella, the price is also right, at $6.99 per month. It may not be enough to convince everyone to make DisneyPlus their only streaming service, but it’s certainly enough to seriously consider adding it to your monthly expenses. 


    • Amazon Prime


    Amazon is one of Netflix’s biggest competitors, with a growing library of titles and its own original content. Its pricing is certainly competitive, and in addition, you benefit from free shipping to eligible locations. 



    • Channel Master CM-2020


    This device is a great choice, particularly for people living in remote areas. The range on it is excellent, meaning it picks up signals from far away and picks them up strong. Installation may not be as straight-forward as other options, though, because of the size of the device. 


    • 1 Byone HDTV Antenna


    Another one suited to those who live in a place that maybe does not get as good reception as other locations, this antenna has the added advantage of being easy to install. The small size means that it’s not cumbersome in the slightest. 


    • RCA ant751


    The RCA antenna is a great combination of quality and compact size. The image you receive is crystal clear, with strong signal. An added benefit is the fact that it won’t be cumbersome in your home because of the size and design. 


    • Mohu Curve 30


    There is nothing better than this device if you’re looking for something able to get data from all over the place, particularly if you’re based somewhere with plenty of options. The design is also much more pleasant than other similar options, at similar price points. 

    Final thoughts

    All in all, there are plenty of options to consider when becoming a cord-cutter. Whether you’re looking to switch to a streaming service (or several) or get an antenna for your home, there are a lot of different avenues to take into consideration.

    There is a bigger variety of streaming services than ever before, so you’re not limited to just one option, if that doesn’t fit your tastes or requirements. As for antennas, they can help you out no matter how remotely you live and how hard it is to get good signal.


    • Tom La Vecchia

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