What Is in Ecoal50? 

    If you have a fireplace at home, there’s no doubt that you’re looking for a fuel that is both powerful and sustainable. Homefire’s Ecoal50 is one such product, as it helps you to reduce your carbon footprint while still being able to enjoy a real fire at home. This article explains the premise of sustainable, smokeless coal in more detail to help you decide if it’s a suitable fuel for your home fire.

    What is Ecoal50 made from? 

    Ecoal50 is Homefire’s most eco-friendly briquette and is the perfect fuel if you’re looking to maintain a warm and long-lasting fire at home. The coal is made from olives, which are sourced in Tunisia. When olive oil is made, the by-product is the crushed stones and olive skins, which are perfect for producing eco-friendly coal. Ecoal50 briquettes have been manufactured with this olive stone compound, which is a sustainably sourced biofuel that is also low in carbon. When the olive mixture is combined with molasses and a range of other ingredients, Ecocoal50 is born.

    How is Ecoal50 unique? 

    Having made the journey from olive vineyards in Tunisia to your fireside, Ecoal50 serves its purpose as one of the most sustainable sources of fuel available. Ecoal50 has a large hexagonal shape (75 x 40mm) and is specifically designed for use in multi-fuel stoves and on open fires. Impressively, Ecoal50 produces 80% less smoke and 40% less carbon dioxide than standard coal. As well as its impressive environmental credentials, Ecoal50 is capable of producing up to 38% more heat than standard house coal. The result is less fuel to achieve the same level of heat and more money saved from your perspective!

    How do you ignite Ecoal50? 

    Ecoal50 is super simple to ignite. Place two firelighters in a clean fireplace and load it up kindling. You can then load a decent amount of Ecoal50 on top and light the kindling with a match. Homefire also has an Instant Light Ecoal50 range, which makes the process of lighting your fire even easier. Merely light the corners of the bag and watch the flames take hold. You can then sit back in your chair and watch your fire roar for three hours. What’s not to love about that?!

    If you’re hoping to take your indoor and outdoor fires to the next level, browse through the Homefire collection of smokeless coal today.

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