What Draws Us In To The Gaming World?

    Approximately, 1.2 billion people in a world population of 7.2 billion play video games and a ballpark figure of about 700 million people prefer to play online games. Travel ahead a couple of years, there would be a very significant rise in the gamer’s population specifically in the online gaming population. Considering the rapid development of online gaming technology and the realistic graphics evolution the online gaming world is sure to witness a massive growth in its gamers’ number.

    A very realistic graphics:

    From the days of 8 bit graphics, online gaming graphics have under gone a massive development to reach cutting edge advancement. The development has gone so far that the graphics technology of a game are now used as the marketing assets of the game, to attract the gamers. For an amazing online gaming experience link sbobet is just a few clicks away.

    3D scanning and facial recognition:

    With 3D scanning and facial recognition now you can custom a body that is just similar to you. Surprised? The game is not over yet. The 3D camera in business today scans 78 diverse angles on a human’s face and allows developers to develop games that could get used to to the emotions of the gamer. This helps the system to assist the gamer in many ways.

    The voice recognition:

    On days where you feel too lazy even to pick up the gaming controller, there is this voice command recognition to control your game play and you can even search the web all by simply giving a voice command to your gaming system.

    The different experience of gaming, the gesture control:

    Did anyone dream of interacting with your device with just a wave of your hand? If so be glad because it has become a reality. By using the normal moments of the human body gesture control technology allows the gamer to connect with their gaming operations.

    It is necessary to have a high definition display:

    With today’s gaming graphics opt for a 4 k television or a 4 k laptop to get the real amazing experience of the graphics in your game. More than ever with the cutting edge technology on road to experience the complete gaming experience that the technology provides a 4 k monitor is a must.

    Augmented reality:

    We all had some amazing experience with the augmented reality through Pokémon Go. Now many games are developed around the augmented reality technology. So that even in the gaming world we could experience the fun in a well known environment to us.

    Wearable gaming:

    Yes, the gaming has now come in the form of smart watches, making it portable for the gamers. This technology was initially started by famous watch companies in order to keep track of the fitness of its users. But the gaming companies have incorporated the gaming technology in to the smart watches.

    Mobile gaming:

    Along with the revolution of the smart phones gaming has reached a step further with mobile gaming. It is another revolution in the gaming sector. The mobile gaming has paved way for gamers to play not only moderate graphics games on their mobile but also nearly high end graphics games on their mobile. The advancement in the smart phones has taken the online gaming experience to the next level of gaming that would make gaming easier for gamers.

    From dawn to the modern age of gaming:

    There was a time when games were downloaded using fixed telephone connections and the downloaded games can only be played for free up to eight times. The online gaming world saw the real advance only after the release of 4th generation 16 bit era.

    Between 1993 and 1996, many gaming company legends found it very hard initially to break in to the online gaming world. They tried to provide online gaming through cable providers. But due to very horrible internet speed and issues with the cable providers they failed to break through.

    But since the early 2000’s with internet and hardware’s required to experience top class gaming adventure becoming cheaper it has paved way to allow millions of gamers around the world to enjoy a shared gaming activity.


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