What Does Your Birthstone Say About Your Personality?

    Knowing your birthstone and what it means can help you create beautiful and meaningful pieces of jewelry such as your engagement ring. Your birthstone engagement ring can be symbolism of not just your love between you and your partner, but also a symbol of the positive attributes that your partner sees in you. Find out what your birthstone means below:

    • January- Garnet is January’s birthstone. Those born with this gemstone tend to have a strong sense of maturity. They are often very analytical yet compassionate. They are able to make sense of chaotic situation and come up with sensible solutions that are appealing to everyone.

    • February – Those born in February are born with amethyst as their birthstone. This stone is a favorite for many and February babies get to have a special connection to this stone. They most likely possess a calming or mellow presence. This stone often has a connection with deeply spiritual people and peaceful souls.

    • March – Aquamarine is the gemstone for those born in the month of March. Those born with this gemstone have a strong connection to the ocean. They often have a strong affinity with being honest and encouraging honesty in others around them. Their communication skills are strong and they also have strong problem-solving skills.

    • April – Those born in April are lucky enough to have diamonds as their birthstone. This precious gemstone is also a symbol for everlasting love. This is because they are so strong and hard to damage. This quality is also one shared with those born in this month. They are often headstrong and able to move past difficult situations easily.

    • May – The beautiful emerald gemstone is May’s birthstone. Those born in this month are often great at bringing people together. They are great at encouraging old relationships to be rekindled. They have a natural knack from bringing people together. They are compassionate which helps them be understanding with people’s complicated relationships.

    • June – Those born in June are blessed with the majestic pearl as their birthstone. This gemstone is historically associated with magic and a close association with the natural world. This could be because pearls come from a living creature, oysters. Those born in June often have that same strong connection to animals and the natural world.

    • July – Ruby is a breathtaking gemstone that has long been coveted for its striking color. Those with ruby as their birthstone are often incredibly confident and fearless. They are brave and are always prepared to keep their promises.

    • August – Peridot is August’s birthstone and those born with this gemstone are truly the friendliest people in the world. They have a gift for communication and are able to quickly make friends. They love people and often take on new friends to be a part of their extended family.

    • September – Those born in September have sapphire as their birthstone. The beautiful sapphire is often associated with intelligence and knowledge. Qualities that are often found in those born in September as well. They are often cool, calm, and collected. They make great leaders because of their intelligence and ability to apply this to managing large groups of people.

    • October – Those born in October are often as exciting and romantic as their birthstone. Those born in October are often able to attract attention to themselves and people are drawn to their positive energies. They are deeply intuitive and can have an instant strong connection to people.

    • November – November babies have citrine as their birthstone and they are often just as bright as their gem. Those born under citrine are naturally born with luck and always radiate positive energy that is infectious. They are always a pleasure to spend time with and encourage others to have the same positive outlook they have.

    • December- Turquoise is the birthstone for those born in December. Turquoise is a historical gem stone thus making those born under it “old souls” They are often wise and give reputable advice to those around them.

    All of us have a birthstone. It is a special gemstone that is associated with the month we are born. While we may know which gemstone is the one for our month, we may not know what specific traits are associated with that gemstone. Gemstones can actually say a lot about a person and can help heighten positive attributes that the person may have.


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