Four Day Weekend Improv Troupe, Using Improv To Teach Business Lessons

    Four Day Weekend, the longest running improv show in the southwest, teaches businesses the secrets of the “Yes, and” method and how it improves both your professional and personal life.

    Long gone are the industrial days, where workers were assigned simple, repetitive tasks, management alone made all decisions and hiring and firing was easy. Today’s competitive landscape is much different. Businesses must produce ideas—ways to be more efficient and ways to better meet demand for groundbreaking products and solutions. Companies rely on creative thinkers who only thrive when they can share and grow their ideas. “My way or the highway” mantras simply do not work. After all, how many times do you have to hear the kneejerk “no” in response to your idea, before you stop giving away ideas altogether?
     That’s where Four Day Weekend comes in. Through interactive games and unscripted, on-the-spot performances, the highly acclaimed comedy group offers todays’ companies hilarious and dynamic seminars that reveal how control and the word “no” inhibit a workplace, and how ideas flourish in the right environment. Some of their clients include Hyatt Corporation, Southwest Airlines, USASBE, the Democratic Caucus, FedEx Office and American Airlines.

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    Sure, it’s easy enough to hear an idea and give it the head-nod and a “thanks for sharing,” but Four Day Weekend propels you further with the popular “Yes, and” method. Don’t just listen to an idea; agree with it (that’s the “yes” part) and build upon it (the “and”). “Yes, and” means you are working together to build an idea up to its greatest potential. Imagine how creative and productive a team could be if they knew they could bring anything to the table!
    What makes Four Day Weekend so good at this philosophy, and what sets them apart? Well, these guys not only teach what they know; they teach what they do. They were improvisation artists long before they were businessmen, but they applied the “Yes, and” tenants to their business model. Now in its eighteenth year, the troupe has seen tremendous success with the “Yes, and” method. They’ve performed more than 5,000 shows in their own theatre each weekend; been given the key to the city; named Small Business of the Year; sold a show to Fox; and the were the keynote presenters for the United States Congress where they received a standing ovation and met the President.
    The “Yes, and” philosophy isn’t just for the office; employees learn skills they can use in their personal lives. The tenets improve personal relationships with others, help manage households and raise families in an environment where anything is truly possible with positivity and teamwork. No organization is too large, small, or unique to for the “Yes, and” philosophy. Recent clients include ­­Southwest Airlines, Texas Instruments, Sabre, and FedEx Office.
    Also eagerly anticipated is Four Day Weekend’s upcoming book Happy Accidents, which details how the troupe built their business from the ground up using the “Yes, and” principles.
    In Four Day Weekend’s world, mistakes are viewed simply as disruptions in routine. They can cause fear and uncertainty. But the key is not to be afraid or to fight the opportunities presented to us. Instead, explore them, and see where saying “Yes, and” can take you!
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