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    “Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.” -Leonardo da Vinci

    Article featuring a first person guest post by Jodon Kestner.

    This quote is part of my entrepreneurial DNA. It is the fabric of my drive, perspective, and innovation. Life is the sum total of previous events. When you strategically align your experiences, the sum total is usually greater. From the combination of my degree in Exercise Science from East Tennessee State University, internship with the USOC (United States Olympic Committee), background in the Army, and humble beginnings has fused together to create a visionary with solutions for the future. This will come into play for many reasons explained throughout this article.  

    An article in the Huffington Post explains a little about my journey from being a homeless veteran to a CEO of two companies: Stealth Performance Communication, INC. & Warrior Within Athletics.

    Stealth Performance Communication (SPC) has been honored as one of the “Top 50 Most Innovative Sport Technology Companies in the World” by Hype Global Sport Innovation Foundation. We eliminate miscommunication in chaotic environments; such as military/police sectors, sporting events, medical fields, and even space travel. We do this through the clever use of wearable technology. With a $2.1B USD value proposition for the DoD alone, we are the future of clear communication during chaos.

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    And recently in another New Theory article:

    Why is a stadium the perfect location for Stealth Performance Communication?

    Stadiums have a unique location that encompasses three of our verticals in one centralized location: Sports, Security (Police/Military), and Medical (EMT and Athletic Trainers).

    Stealth Performance Communication is the Wearable Technology solution to miscommunication and language barriers during the new age revolution of wearables and IOT in medical environments.  

    MedWear (product of Stealth Performance Communication) eliminates miscommunication in medical scenarios. This technology is a necessity in hospitals, ambulances, and other medical facilities. Miscommunication is a large contributor to malpractice, injuries in the workplace, and even death. We can eliminate these simple mistakes, but also can make communication in these emergencies more efficient and effective.  

    What exactly can this B2B wearable be used for?

    Stealth Performance Communication is fully adaptable to multiple chaotic environments such as sporting events (NFL, MLB, NCAA, etc.), military and police sectors (special forces and SWAT Teams), as well as medical fields (combat zones, ER’s and EMT units).  

    We do this with a military encrypted privatized network, coded messaging software (HIPAA Compliant), and ability to work with IOT technology to collect data on the workplace. This data will be used to increase efficiency and aid in Industrial Liquefaction of various markets. (See Sridhur Solur:

    We use OLED (organic light emitting diodes) to power our next generation flexible screens. These particular OLED’S are used for two main reasons: 1. They allow the screens to be thinner and more flexible than synthetic counterparts. 2. They produce less radiation exposure to the user. This will play a huge roll in all electronic devices in the near future.

    For more Proprietary Information contact SPC directly.

    Warrior Within Athletics has a humble mission: To hire Homeless Veterans! This veteran owned company specializes in sport performance training, nutritional countermeasures to maximize performance, and T-shirts with a mission hire homeless veterans!

    The best fitness clothes, workout gear, and CrossFit T-shirts in the Industry!

    Not only are our activewear shirts and fitness apparel top grade quality and Handcrafted in the USA… But they also carry a mission! A strong mission to hire homeless veterans as we grow!

    Who knew a shirt could do so much?

    Our fitness T-shirts, workout T-shirts, and CrossFit T-shirts are specifically designed to show off your effort and inner warrior!

    Whether you are working out in your local Box, or at the 2017 CrossFit Games, show off your Warrior with Warrior Within Athletics gear and help hire a homeless Veteran at the same time! Thank you for your support of our Armed Forces: USMC (Marines), Army, Navy, Air Force, and those here domestically (Police, National Guard, Coast Guard and many more!)

    We think you would agree… American Made is just Better!

    Warrior Within Athletics products are Handcrafted in the USA! Profits help us hire, train and transition (homeless) Veterans from the battlefield back to the homeland!

    How do I buy products?

    Fast, Easy, and Simple!

    1. Order T-shirts and other products securely online.
    2. Handcrafted products that are made in the USA!
    3. Free Shipping Nationwide!

    This is just the beginning of our mission to continue to Make America Great! Help show your support of Warrior Within Athletics and our mission to give homeless veterans work.  

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    New Theory notes: We respect Jordon as a veteran and up and coming businessman.  That’s why we asked him to write a first person piece as part of our Millennial On The Move feature.  Please like, share and comment on this article to support Jordon in his efforts to help veterans.

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