Way Of the Wolf With Jordan Belfort

    The Wolf of Wall Street joins Tom La Vecchia on the New Theory Podcast from NYC

    There are legends, and then there are legends!

    Jordan Belfort who is the REAL Wolf of Wall Street sits down with the New Theory podcast. We started out by learning who Jordan really is and why he always wanted to be rich.  His answers may surprise you.

    He is the master of persuasion as he used his system to take a group of average performers and elevated them to a $50 million a year cash machine. Although he did some things that are questionable, the straight line method has stood the test of time. His system is not just for salespeople; it can be a lawyer trying to influencing a jury, parents to try to get their kids to make their bed and so forth.

    We had some epic guests, but this one ranks up there with some of the best.

    Before you listen in, make sure you get a ticket to see the master in person live on the 22nd in NYC at the Marriott Marquee at the Synergy Global Forum: click here

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