VSAVI – What makes them the most popular CBD brand in the United Kingdom?

    It has been universally acknowledged in the UK that VSAVI is one of the best and the biggest names that can come to your mind whenever you think of the CBD industry. They’re revered for their premium quality of products and they have also been on top of the list after they raised awareness of the possible benefits of cannabis which people are still not aware of. They are a vital and key member of the CTAUK or the Cannabis Trades Association and they always vouch for purity as long as opting for CBD is concerned.

    CBD by Vsavi is derived from the best hemp and apart from their natural and organic process of extraction; they also set apart from others as they have everything that people expect from a UK manufacturers of cannabis and hemp. This is probably the main reason behind their surging consumer base. Let’s take a look at the reasons behind them being the best in business.

    VSAVI – What makes them stand out in the crowd?

    There are innumerable companies which put an emphasis on the exacting standards which they utilize while extracting the thing but only some are deemed to be better than others. The scenery of UK is heavily unregulated and there are no such standards for production or harvesting. Amidst all such shady companies, VSAVI only claims to sell ‘pure’ CBD oil. They are the only ones who use hemp that is organically grown which implies that there are no chemical fertilisers, insecticides, growth agents and other harmful additives.

    As long as extraction is concerned, they just employ CO2 methods which, in spite of being more time-consuming and expensive, lead to a product with premium quality. They don’t use alcohol and other solvents. Hence, it is up to the customer to determine whether or not they prefer a ‘pure’ product. Irrespective of the option that you choose, you can always be sure about the fact that you’ll get a real deal.

    A few product highlights – How VSAVI sets the benchmark

    #1: Vaping Oil

    With regards to e-liquids, it is vital to mention that they are abiding by the standards of Tobacco Products Directive TDP standards which can’t be said about rival companies. The CBD e-liquids range from 50mg till a 1000mg concentration.  As there are stronger concentrations which are also available, majority of the people can certainly find another 300mg to be more beneficial.

    #2: Oil Drops

    With regards to oils, there is a nice spread in the concentrations which range from 300mg to 1500mg. This concentration can increase with the more cost that you choose to pay. You can gradually boost the intake till you find the level which works best for you.

    Therefore, there is no doubt about the fact that VSAVI is never going to compromise or cheat on their exacting standards. This makes them the best CBD company in the UK.


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