Interview with Jesse Lee Soffer, motorcycles and pizza. Need we say more?

    There is no way to deny that Chicago P.D.’s Jesse Lee Soffer from the hit TV show on NBC is a picture perfect man in the eyes of all women, everywhere. That’s the most obvious fact. But, there are a few things you may not know about him.. like the fact that he loves riding motorcycles and thin crust pizza. Or that he is even more cool off-screen than he is on the job – if that ‘s even possible.

    Check out this video and see what he had to say to our junior New Theory staffers:

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    Checkout our interview with Jesse Lee Soffer, motorcycles and pizza.

    Need we say more?

    I think not. 


    New Theory:  What can we expect from Jay Halstead on Chicago P.D. for next season?

    Jesse: Next season, we don’t know yet… there’s not much we know. They’re in the writers room. But, what’s really cool is that last week, I think the last episode that aired was the Chicago Justice pilot basically, so it’s the fourth installment in the Dick Wolf Universe in Chicago. We got this new cast of characters that come play with us. With the addition of this show having the officers on PD, hopefully, my character will end up on the stand, maybe getting deposed or having to testify, and getting involved in something where they cross the line or went too far in that gray area.

    NT: Since there are four different installments is there any ‘sibling-rivalry’ type behavior between casts?  

    JLS: There are no real competitions, but we do joke that it’s like one giant frat family. It’s like Fire is the seniors, P.D.’s the juniors, Med’s the sophomores, and now we got Justice, which is the freshman class. And obviously, freshman need to be hazed, so we don’t know what that’s gonna look like yet… but, we’ll see.

    NT: We hear when you’re not on set you’re actually out taking to the streets on your motorcycle. How did you get into riding? We never really pegged you as a biker boy!

    JLS I don’t know if I’m a biker boy. Okay, I am. I’m a biker boy! I’ve been riding for ten years. I started riding in New York City; that’s where I learned to ride, which I don’t recommend. It’s crazy, but learning to ride there, in an urban environment, was a really good education. I like riding because there’s something very zen about it and meditative about it. The noise in your head kind of goes away and you’re just really present worried about your surroundings, and that’s why I love it. So I can’t wait, today, I’m working with Harley Davidson, and I get to check out the new bike they’ve got coming out, which is the Roadster, which is really geared towards the streets. It’s an urban bike, it’s a city bike, it’s going to be really powerful, very agile and clean minimalist design, which is true to my heart from where I started riding. I just can’t wait to get on it; I think it’s gonna be great. Check it out here:  HD Roadster

    NT: Who would win in a bike race — you or Jay (Halstead)?

    JLS: Me or Jay? Jay wins hands down. Jay can do no wrong. Jay wins right out the gate. There is no contest. “I have to be slow and careful,” and check both directions twice; Jay would just go.

    NT: If you had to choose between riding and acting which one would you choose? 

    JLS: Riding and acting?! I can’t choose! Actually, it’s funny you say that though because I have been nagging one of our producers, Derek Haas, on Twitter and face-to-face to get Halstead on a bike, to write it into the show. So, maybe, I can do both? You know, like there’s no reason why we can’t get him on a Harley! And, the fans have been nagging him too on Twitter. It’s pretty funny.

    NT: What is your playlist on the Roadster?

    JLS: I can’t listen to music when I’m riding. I think I would be too distracted. I have A.D.D as it is & if I were listening to music, I would worry about balance and stuff, probably not a good thing.

    NT: Okay. But If we were to pull out your iPod right now what would we find? 

    JLS: Oh my gosh, that’s a really tough question. White Iverson is on my iPod right now. That’s literally what was playing on my way home last night.

    NT: We have a quick round of ‘This or That’ for you — just a little game to finish it off. Now keep in mind, you’re talking to two girls from New York…. 

    Deep dish or thin crust?

    Thin crust. I grew up in New York; I’m a thin crust guy. Deep dish is delicious, but, it’s more like a pie and less — in my opinion, I don’t want to offend anybody — less of a pizza. Sorry.

    Morning or night?


    Blonde or brunette?

    No comment.

    Wine or Beer?


    Q: City or Country?


    Boobs or Butt?

    A: Did you say boobs or butt?! Oh my Gosh, I don’t know! I like it.. I like all of it. I don’t know! Blondes, brunettes, boobs, butt, it’s all good stuff. I don’t know.

    Well, we’ll stop torturing you right after a quick question — truth or dare?

    Uhhhhh… dare?

    Thanks to Harley Davidson for this interview.


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