What Men Don’t Want In A Woman – As Told By Men

    Men have raised the bar when it comes to standards for themselves. The ‘crazy party- girl- Insta-hoes’ seem to be losing their sparkle and men are on the hunt for the classy ladies.

    In order to find out what men were crossing off their “dream girl” list, we asked around to find out what they believed the biggest turn offs are when it comes to women…

    Here’s what men had to say:

    “Always on their phones.. Even if its eating dinner.”

    -Corey, 25

    “Small minded and materialistic girls = huge turn offs for me. Also, using the word ‘literally’ and ‘like’ too often and out of context.”

    -Rob, 25

    “Bad personality. Attention whores. Too much make up. Girls that don’t want kids. Party girls that never grow up and granny panties.”

    -Anthony, 29

    “I despise people who are full of themselves. WAKE UP! Your looks don’t define you. Being materialistic is just as bad. I don’t mind spoiling a girl, but expensive gifts aren’t always a common thing to expect. Biggest turn off is smoking. You can be perfect, a dream girl, but if you smoke that’s like the ultimate downgrade”

    -Enzo, 25

    “So, turns offs are kind of specific. For me, it’s lack of appetite. Eat a burger, c’mon. No intention of having kids. I can already tell I’m a family guy. Probably paramount is making me feel like who I am as a person is either bad or embarrassing. Love me for me.”

    -Dave, 22

    “Girls that say ‘bro’ or curse more than I do.”

    -Vincent, 25

    “Overusing curses and having the, ‘truck driver mouth’. Constantly being on their mobile device. Constantly talking down to other people. Not saying thank you, not being grateful for other people that help them. Being lazy. Not working…”gold digging”.

    -Ryan, 27

     “Definitely their eye brows. Teeth too, pretty much any obvious sign of a lack of personal hygiene..”

    -Tommy, 25

    “Hearing a girl curse like a truck driver. A girl who doesn’t take care of herself. Girls who wear Jordan’s, has tattoos and drink like a fish turn me off. I don’t mind if you have tattoos and have a few drinks but you’re a lady. And the ones who don’t work hard and expect to be taken care of by some rich jerk*ff.” 

    -Anthony, 21

    “Control freak, nagging, prude, obsessive, snobby and cheaters. How can I date a woman and spend the rest of my life with here when she lives like a slob, can’t cook or clean. Also, if she has no motivation then how can she motivate me? We’re supposed to motivate each other. I’d want to be with someone that has drive and is motivated so we can push each other. “

    -Christopher, 28

    “Immaturity, selfishness and not saying what you actually mean. Also HUGE pet peeve -when girls are loud for no reason about sports and they don’t know what they’re talking about. “

    -Matt, 28

    “A girl that always has a selfie profile picture with her face tilted and lips puckered. Bad breath, bad hair, no dress sense. A girl that is full of herself, has a fake tan and never stops talking about herself.”

    -Paul, 35


    Fellas, we promise to always have good hygiene, eat and make our own money, but ‘f*ck’ is our favorite word, so there’s going to have to be some compromise.


    • Tom La Vecchia

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