Valentine Trip To Nevada

    Love in the heart and expressing love goes hand in hand for a perfect and prosperous long-term relationship. Never feel shy expressing your love and feelings towards your partner. Though a commercialized holiday, we think it’s nice that Valentine’s Day gives the world a designated day for expressing love. Love is so important! Your partner will be even more excited when you tell them about your plan to take a Valentine’s trip to Nevada, a perfect destination where any couple from anywhere can spend quality time together, enhance their sense of togetherness, and express nothing but love for each other. A Valentine Trip should have appropriate, intimate attractions that have limited crowds, where you’re surrounded by nature. Nevada does not only have covered such outstanding attractions, but they also have Colorado Belle Hotel & Casino Resort where love birds can stay on the waterfront. Experience the awesomeness of the incredible attractions in Nevada and collect lifetime memories.

    Hoover Dam

    Visit this dam made in times of great depression and observe the marvel of modern engineering. This huge dam was built in 5 years by 22,000 workers. It is one of the largest dams in the world and it provides electric supply to much of Nevada, California, and Arizona. The breezy bridge of the Hoover Dam is 726 feet high, where you take some snaps and take a view of Lake Mead. 

    Lake Tahoe

    The crystal clear, sparkling blue water is one of the popular destinations in Nevada and a perfect spot for love birds to share their lovely feelings for each other. You may spend quality time on its beautiful beaches, or you can walk the spectacular trails for a breathtaking view of this 22-mile long freshwater lake. The clear view of stones underwater and the reflection of the ice capped mountains on the lake is to die for. 

    Lake Mead National Recreation Area

    If you have visited the famous Hoover Dam, then Lake Mead has to be your next destination. This huge lake encompasses the area of 1.5 million acres. Moreover, along with the spectacular sceneries, Lake Mead offers a variety of services to make your visit worthwhile. You may relax on the beach or you may avail the opportunity of boating to have a wonderful experience of this huge lake. It is almost summer in Nevada on Valentine’s Day and Boulder Basin is a not-to-be-missed place for a couple. Swim in the popular Boulder Beach and refresh yourself, or just set up a lawn chair and relax. 

    Las Vegas Strip

    A Valentine’s trip to Nevada is incomplete without a visit to the world’s most famous, overwhelming Las Vegas Strip. It will be the most glowing and glittering 2.5 mile walk of your life. The Strip contains world class entertainment, performance venues, Michelin Star restaurants and world-famous casinos. Dine into the finest restaurants with your partner or watch the dignified performance of dancing fountain at Bellagio.


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