Use Cryptocurrency to Pay for Your Plastic Surgery

    Gotham Plastic Surgery to Accept Cryptocurrency for Cosmetic Procedures

    A NYC based plastic surgery group becomes one of the first in the tri-state area to accept cryptocurrency for procedures.

    In a groundbreaking move, Drs. Philip J. Miller and Douglas S. Steinbrech of Gotham Plastic Surgery have announced that they will now be accepting cryptocurrency for their services. The plastic surgery practice, which is regularly praised by major media outlets like Elle and The New Yorker for its excellence, has long been known for its love of staying ahead of trends.

    Gotham Plastic Surgery has gained a strong following among celebrity clients, especially when it comes to facial procedures, breast augmentation, and pioneering Male Plastic Surgery procedures. Unsurprisingly, this has much to do with their quick adoption of cutting-edge  techniques – as well as the firm’s rapid adoption of technology in every aspect of their operations.  Dr, Miller was recently featured in Forbes discussing HoloLens technology and its practical use in Facial Plastic Surgery.

    “I think I speak for everyone at Gotham when I say that we are incredibly proud to be innovators in our field. We proudly adopt the latest techniques in plastic surgery and skin care because we care about offering quality to our patients,” said Dr. Steinbrech. “It only makes sense to expand that same philosophy into other areas of our operation. That includes the ways our clients prefer to pay.”

    What is Cryptocurrency?

    For those not in the know, cryptocurrency is blockchain-based currency that is not affiliated with any government entity. With the rise of major internet currencies like Bitcoin, more businesses than ever before have been offering cryptocurrency payment options. However, in fields like plastic surgery, giving Bitcoin payments is almost totally unprecedented.

    New Theory hosted Blockchain guru Dr. Julian Hosp on our podcast as he shares why Crytpocurrency is so popular with Millennials and Gen X “Gen Z has experienced a dot-com bubble, which makes them very weary when it comes to things that go up in value quite rapidly. Sometimes too much, so they are not open enough for new things. Gen X has not experienced such a major setback and so they run into a new opportunity with open arms – probably also too much. The best thing is probably to be somewhere in the middle, hence Millennials have kept an open mind” 

    When asked how they felt about offering blockchain-based currency payments, Dr. Miller explained, “Times are changing, and so are currencies. In order to remain the best in our fields, we need to adapt to the times. Cryptocurrency is going to be a major player in the upcoming global economy. We may as well adopt now.”

    Miller and Steinbrech are hoping that they will make paying for plastic surgery easier and more convenient than ever before. The main push behind Gotham’s decision to accept cryptocurrency was due to their growing international client base. Since cryptocurrencies are not tied to any particular government, the ability to pay for plastic surgery services would streamline the payment and planning processes for international clients.

    However, both doctors noted that they also believe that cryptocurrency payment options will open the doors to new niche clients. Convenience for internet company owners was also discussed as a reason for the change. Overall, Gotham Plastic Surgery is doing what it can to cater to every client they have – and to give them as many options as they can for every step of the way.

    “Our goal is to make sure that every single aspect of the Gotham Plastic Surgery experience is as convenient, comfortable, and easy as possible,” said Dr. Miller. “We have every reason to believe that accepting cryptocurrency payments will attract more customers and also open a lot of doors for clients who might want plastic surgery, but don’t want to deal with the red tape of exchanging cryptocurrency for US dollars.”

    What Cryptocurrencies will Gotham Plastic Surgery Accept?

    Currently, there are hundreds of different forms of cryptocurrencies on the net. Gotham Plastic Surgery will be offering payment options from the three largest cryptocurrencies currently being traded online: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

    According to spokespeople at Gotham, the announcement to offer cryptocurrency payments is one that has already paid off; dozens of clients have already shown interest in paying for their services using at least one of the three currencies they’re offering.

    Dr. Steinbrech isn’t the least bit surprised, “Bitcoin has no boundaries – and neither does our innovation.”

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