This Interview With Dr. Julian Hosp will Make You Rethink The Future of Money

    What is Bitcoin? Blockchain Technology? Interview with World Renowned Dr. Julian Hosp on the New Theory podcast.

    I went into this interview not knowing what to expect.  I knew a little bit about Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.  But after speaking with Dr. Julian Hosp who is a world thought leader on the subject, will make you rethink our monetary system completely.  At first I didn’t take Bitcoin seriously, but now I have a major fear of FOMO.  Bitcoin has expanded tremendously as bitcoin is now being used for services like Plastic Surgery and gambling, known as bitcoin bookmakers

    Take a listen to this important interview with Dr. Hosp for the New Theory Podcast:

    To learn more about Dr. Hosp, go to his website:


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    • Markonen

      that intro….my ears…you need to work harder on the audio, it’s pretty bad all around. interview content is great i’m sure but it was literally painful to listen to

      • Thomas F. La Vecchia

        working on the audio, our caliber of guests have been strong, way ahead of the audio budget. But don’t let turn you off to the guests as we’ve been fortunate to have some great people on the show

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