5 Ways To Defeat President TRUMP IN 2020

    Excerpt from Naresh Vissa’s #1 Bestselling TRUMPBOOK: How Digital Liberals Silenced A Nation Into Making America Hate Again

    “I urge my white friends to skip Thanksgiving this year to avoid sexist, racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, homophobic, anti-Semitic relatives who voted for Donald Trump. These people are biased hypocrites. If they claim they aren’t and that they voted for other reasons, ask them on the phone why they don’t care enough about these issues. Let people know you refuse to tolerate hate speech and bigotry. We don’t need your safety pins. We need your voice and actions now more than ever.”

    Digital liberals elected Donald Trump as President of the United States…

    Digital liberal – a self-proclaimed ‘liberal’ who stands up for Democratic values on the Internet, social media and other digital platforms but lives a completely different lifestyle of intolerance and close-mindedness to other people, behaviors, opinions and values TRUMPBOOK, Naresh Vissa. 2017.

    What does this mean for 2020?

    There is good news for digital liberals: they can defeat President Donald Trump in 2020. Whining, complaining, arguing, and name-calling didn’t work in 2016, and it will never work in any national referendum. 

    The strategy to defeat Trump is five-fold, and it’s based on fatal flaws displayed by digital liberals: 

    1. Forgiveness

    There is no healthy marriage, family, friendship or life without forgiveness – a crucial action to emotional health and spiritual survival. While sorrow produces pain, forgiveness brings joy and vitalizes the soul by cleaning the mind and liberating the heart.

    People who don’t forgive become a theater of conflict and bastion of grievances. They have no peace of soul and become sick mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

    President Trump made some questionable statements that got under the skin of his opponents… but that was all for show to get votes. He got what he needed. 

    The first step to change tomorrow is by forgiving today.

    2. Acceptance

    Anti-Trump hysteria has separated digital liberals from reality. If this continues, then the liberals as a whole (Democrats) won’t make the political and policy adjustments that would win back the constituencies they lost.

    Trump is the President of the United States, whether digital liberals like it or not. It is what it is. 

    Recounts, public tax records, and Russian hacking accusations won’t change that. The votes are tallied. Trump and his businesses have been audited. He is here to stay. 

    3. Love and understand thy neighbors

    Social networks like Facebook are algorithmically controlled echo chambers that profit from confirmation bias. This is where people “socialize” with other people who think mostly like one another while getting “news” that is specifically geared toward similar tastes. Users get force-fed what they already want to hear. 

    Instead of connecting everyone, digital media has distorted the reality of the world. The Information Age has created technologies designed to connect and inform us, but the effect has been the opposite of intention.

    If digital liberals want to connect with the world and better understand what’s going on, then they need to get away from the echo chamber. They must do something without breaking any laws or violating human rights even if it makes them puke. They must watch or listen to uncomfortable content even if it makes them want to throw a brick into the TV set or iOS Podcasts app. 

    Voters are real, living and breathing human beings and citizens of their countries… so most importantly, digital liberals must talk to real people and love and embrace fellow neighbors as people. They cannot be judged by “Likes” or “usernames” hiding behind closed digital barriers.

    4. Stop harping on identity politics – “racism,” “bigotry,” “xenophobia,” etc.

    Democrats own a monopoly of control in major American inner cities – all the “killing fields” like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, New Orleans and St. Louis. Democrats own these inner cities and have owned them for decades. Deep blue states run by liberal Democrats are going broke all over the United States. You can add Connecticut and socialist California to that list, per Forbes and The Mercury News. Democrats and progressives are largely responsible for much of what is wrong with the inner cities and many oppressions black people and other minorities suffer. Until now, lame Republicans have been too polite to notice this, but Trump has already made building up Black America a priority, calling for a “New Deal for Black America.” This will blow up the Democratic voting base and make digital liberals go haywire.

    Digital liberals are sympathetic to our enemies abroad and domestic criminals at home – based on whether such folks are of a certain skin color.

    Racial and identity politics will never be a winning strategy. Obama didn’t use it in his campaigns, and he didn’t use it against his opponents either.

    Digital liberals are clueless that the last two Democratic presidents – Bill Clinton and Barack Obama – along with the entire Democratic Party leadership sold out their historic constituency: the working class.

    Here’s much of what killed the working class over the past 10 years:

    • Wall Street deregulation
    • Trillion-dollar bank bailouts after these institutions nearly destroyed the global economy and after committing fraud after fraud after fraud without anyone ever going to jail
    • Letting homeowners go down the tubes with no bailouts, resulting in them losing their homes
    • A trillion-dollar giveaway to insurance companies and then allowing them to dictate our healthcare

    If the Democrats and digital liberals don’t understand this, which it appears they don’t, then they shouldn’t hold power at all. They aren’t learning anything from their disastrous defeats. That’s why they keep losing.

    Despite Trump’s low status with the mainstream media, Democrats still can’t win. Their losses are mounting up in runoffs and in 2017 gubernatorial and mayoral races. They’ll keep cheering “near-wins,” but that’s it.

    Digital liberals focus too hard on identity politics, which only a tiny segment of the world gives a sh*t about. 

    When it comes to jobs or the economy, digital liberals have nothing. They shill for corporate America, which is transforming by the month because of the digitization of business and outsourcing.

    The Left is against single-payer healthcare. They push “grand bargains” for Social Security, and they want open borders. They also support interventionist wars and regime changes. 

    The Democratic Party is also seen as corrupt. The Democratic establishment sabotaged Bernie Sanders in 2016. They saw Sanders as a threat because he wasn’t a Democrat (he was Independent throughout his political career), exposed the corruption within the DNC, and went against their ideals – just like what the Republicans thought about Trump, but they swallowed their pride and got behind him for the good of their party. It’s why Hillary and the Democrats didn’t make Sanders the Vice Presidential nominee to counter Trump’s populism. Clinton, the DNC and the media suppressed him. Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, barely even won them his blue state of Virginia – final count of about 49% to 45%. A Clinton/Sanders ticket would’ve smothered Trump’s campaign and undecided voters to vote Democrat. Zero Hedge reports that many of Sanders’ followers hated Hillary so much that they voted for Trump – or didn’t vote at all.

    To win, the Dems need to throw a true progressive into the fire…

    Someone who doesn’t advocate for longer prison sentences for minor crimes… someone who is against balanced budgets and fiscal conservatism… someone who’s not in the pocket of big corporate donors.

    Identity politics divided the Democrats and fringe voters in the Election of 2016, and it will be the downfall of the Democratic Party if it continues.

    5. Stop giving Trump so much attention

    You don’t beat Trump by giving him more attention. You beat him by making him irrelevant. Do not love or hate him. Ignore him.

    The solution is simple: if you want your person to win an election, then you publicize and promote your candidate only – for better or for worse.

    Consider these examples from revisionist history…  

    Michael Moore shouldn’t have been making movies about George W. Bush (FAHRENHEIT 9/11 before the 2004 Election) and Trump (TRUMPLAND before the 2016 Election). He should have been making movies about John Kerry and Hillary Clinton if he wanted them to win.

    Dinesh D’Souza shouldn’t have been making a movie about President Barack Obama (2016: OBAMA’S AMERICA before the 2012 Election) if he wanted Obama to lose. He should’ve been making a movie about Mitt Romney.

    Hillary Clinton made a huge mistake going after Trump in her advertisements instead of pumping herself up. She spent millions of dollars to tell the public not to vote for Trump and giving Trump more airtime instead of promoting herself and telling people to vote for her. That’s a recipe for disaster because it shows cowardice and mistrust in oneself.

    The converse applies to this principle too: If Hillary beat Trump during the 2016 Election, she would easily be re-elected in 2020… because the Right then would not shut up about her crookedness.

    Guest Contribution by:

    Naresh Vissa, Author of TrumpBook

    Buy it here: Buy on Amazon


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