Top 5 New York Baseball Players to Watch This 2015 Season

    Top 5 New York Baseball Players to Watch This 2015 Season

    With New York Alum and city treasure, Derek Jeter, no longer doing things his way on the field ( catch the Gatorade/Sinatra reference there…), all of the tri-state area has their eyes on the players this upcoming baseball season.

    Class, integrity, leadership… Those are just a few of the words which #2 represented alongside his talent and credibility…

    Will New York ever have another Captain like Jeter?  Did Derek Jeter embody what it meant to be a Yankee or a true, native New Yorker?

    As the 2015 season approaches, we are hopeful for some strong comebacks and for breathing new life back into America’s favorite pastime.

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    #5 Mark Teixeira


    Even though he gets paid the big bucks, can Mark turn things around?

    #4 Jacob DeGrom


    This Met broke onto the scene and unexpectedly kicked ass…Will he continue to fulfill the critic’s prophecy?

    #3 Masahiro Tanaka 


    Although, he missed most of last season, he is back and noted for being one of the best pitchers on the Yankees.

    #2 Matt Harvey


    Due to his injury, he was also out all of last season. This year is a rebuilding year! Can he recreate the magic in 2015?

    #1 Alex Rodriguez  “A-Rod” 


    After being suspended from steroid use and being linked to a bevy of A-Listers in the last several years,

    this season marks his controversial return.

    Good Luck to all in 2015! Some big shoes to fill…

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