Top 10 Moments Every ‘Raver’ Has Experienced Before

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    Ravers are a unique brand of partiers that go harder than just about anyone else. They are full of PLUR, fun, and laughter. They also happen to experience a lot of things that only really happen before, during, and after a rave. If you’re a true raver, you’ve had these things happen to you before.

    1. That moment when you meet a fellow raver at a non-rave location. It’s exciting. You want to do the PLUR handshake, hug, and talk about raver stuff. Without a doubt, you and this random person are kindred spirits because they get it. Yay!



    2. The somewhat awkward moment when you can’t tell if a girl actually likes you, is on drugs, or is just too PLUR to realize that she’s being flirty.This is truly a raver-only issue. With all the love and cuddles and hugs that ravers dole out, it’s hard to tell whether a girl is actually flirting with you or just being nice. The worst part is that if you misinterpret her actions, you either lose out on an opportunity to date her or will be viewed as a creep.



    3. That moment when you’re in the car heading back from a rave. You smell like God-knows-what. You’re tired, but still hyped. You are cracked out in the most insane way, and you don’t want to talk. Part of you is wondering how you can subject your body to this, and part of you can’t wait for the next party.


    4. That moment when you realize that you or someone you know got a little *too* wasted. ..maybe that last drink or tab of acid wasn’t such a good idea. Or maybe it was. We’ll just see how this plays out, eh?



    5. That perfect moment when you feel the Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. Holy cow. The music is perfect. The beats are hitting you in the best way ever. You’re surrounded by friends in every direction. Everything is glowing. Everything looks beautiful. Congrats. You have achieved the feeling of PLUR that everyone talks about.



    6. That moment when you see someone who is really messed up on random substances do something that gets the attention of security or the cops. Even if you yourself choose to avoid substance use at raves, you’re still bound to see someone who doesn’t know when to stop, or is just too out there to avoid being caught doing something idiotic. All you can do is sit there and go, “Ohhhhh that’s gonna suck in the morning…”



    7. That moment when you’re not sure if you took your rave fashion tastes just a little too far… Okay, so you’re prepping for the rave. You don’t want to look too out there, but this looks so shiny! Look at the colors! Will people notice if it’s a little odd? Hm. Decisions, decisions. Oh well, plurry people will understand where you’re coming from, right?



    8. That moment when you realize that newbie ravers have no idea what they are doing. You can’t help but cringe when they ask you what PLUR means. They don’t share their water. They don’t even know what DJ’s are spinning. You know what I’m talking about.


    9. That moment when you try to figure out whether or not it’s worth going to the afterparty. You feel strung out and tired, but these new friends that you made say it’s worth the trip. You’ve partied and there’s work in the AM, but you still want to go. You’re worried about it getting too crazy and then ending up getting arrested or put on the news. Once again, this is a tough decision to make.



    10. That moment where you party until you literally drop.





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