Top Weirdest Game Shows In The World

    Master Farmers, Musical Chairs and Truck-Touching: The World’s Weirdest Game Shows

    Check out this new infographic from MrGamez that takes a look at some of the weirdest, wildest, and wackiest game shows from around the world.  

    Most game shows require some sort of skill,or t the very least extensive knowledge of trivia, or physical endurance. However, if you’re able to “run around in animal costumes”, “have your feet licked by goats” or even just “survive”, then the new graphic from MrGamez may be for you.

    Ranging from relatively normal shows with a bit of a twist to the full-on bizarro, pants-on-head nuts, it’s also a trip across the world, with shows from Spain, Wales, India, and Japan, as well as the UK and US.

    Goose Games and the End of the World

    While the Western world has plenty to offer in the way of crazy, with old school shows like The Amateur’s Guide to Love stalking random couples from the safety of a creepy van and the dubiously-exciting viewing of Touch the Truck, which involves exactly what it sounds like, the gloves really come off when you get overseas.

    Check out some of the cuckoo-for-Cocoa-Puffs offerings from across the world:

    • El gran juego de la oca (“The Great Game of the Goose”) – Coming from Spain, it’s based on a simple boardgame. The boardgame doesn’t include being shaven bald, having your legs waxed, or having your feet licked by a goat. The show, on the other hand…
    • Fferm Ffactor (“Farm Factor”) – This Welsh shows pits contestant against contestant to find Wales’ best farmer. Challenges include… farming. The prize is a new 4×4, or a trip to Patagonia.
    • Sekai no hate Made ItteQ (“Let’s Go to the End of the World”) – A Japanese show with some strange challenges, including paddling a home-made soapbox boat, and sitting in a thick glass box while a bear attacks it.
    • Dadagiri (“Beat the Bullies”) – The Indian show that revolves around contestants being verbally harassed by the hosts. On one occasion, it escalated to physical abuse with the female host slapping a player – and the video went viral after the player slapped back.

    Some shows are for trophies, some for cars and trucks (though the winner of Touch the Truck said he was going to sell it and spend the money funding a political party) and some are for money – but when it comes down to it, all of them are for the glory of winning a show that makes a minimum of sense.

    At New Theory, we love our Infographics, but this one is definitely special:

    TV Game Shows Info-graphic

    View Interactive Version
    (via Mr. Gamez).

    Does your favorite show appear on the list?


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