Top Paid Celebrities on Instagram for 2017

    Instagram is now becoming a main social media platform to share your photos and communicate with friends. Celebrities are also using their influential status to promote different brands and broadcast promotional messages to their millions of followers and at the same time earn some serious money doing it.

    For many A-list celebrities, Instagram is becoming a serious money-making tool to generate additional revenue from paid sponsorship posts.

    We have compiled a list of top Instagram celebrities who are making a killing of paid sponsored posts from different brands and companies who are willing to promote their products or services. Based on internal HopperHQ data and public information, we have compiled an “Instagram’s Rich List” of top paid celebrities.

    Are you wondering who is the top paid Instagram celebrity as of 2017? The top paid celebrity on Instagram is Selena Gomez who gets $550,000 per sponsored post to reach her 122 million Instagram followers.

    Kim Kardashian, a reality TV personality, and a socialite makes $500,000 per post that goes out to her 100 million Instagram followers.

    The third highest paid celebrity on Instagram is Cristiano Ronaldo. The world famous soccer player earns $400,000 per post that reaches his 104 million Instagram followers.

    In case you are wondering who is the least paid celebrity on Instagram as of 2017, it’s Lebron James who gets paid $120,000 per sponsored Instagram post to his 31 million followers.
    Here is a compiled list of the most paid celebrities for sponsored posts on Instagram.

    Top 10 Paid Celebrities for Sponsored Posts on Instagram for 2017

    Celebrity Instagram Followers Paid Per Sponsored Post
    Selena Gomez 122 million $550,000
    Kim Kardashian 100 million $500,000
    Cristiano Ronaldo 104 million $400,000
    Kylie Jenner 95 million $400,000
    Kendal Jenner 81.7 million $370,000
    Khloe Kardashian 68 million $250,000
    Kourtney Kardashian 57.8 million $250,000
    Cara Delevingne 40.4 million $150,000
    Gigi Hadid 34.7 million $120,000
    Lebron James 30.7 million $120,000



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