This is Why Millennials Need to Discover Ann Wilson from Heart

    Ann Wilson of the band heart joins The New Theory podcast as she talks her storied career and keys to success.

    Ann had her first major hit in the mid-seventies!  She was part of the legendary band Heart.  She performed at the Kenned Ball and actually made Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant tear up during the performance.  Millennials need to discover this rock legend.

    Ann is a little more half way through her first ever solo tour as this is a must see as legends like her do not come around too often.

    Take a listen to this epic guest as she discusses her career in music with the New Theory Podcast:


    Here is her legendary performance at the Kennedy Center:

    Check out her remaining tour dates here:

    Ann Wilson is playing at Montclair’s historic Wellmont Theater on August 18th. You can get tickets here:

    Photo Credit: Washington Times

    Video Credit: YouTube


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    • perky

      I love her interviews. She always has a good story to tell. And even when the interviewer is goofy, she never says anything mean or snotty to make anyone feel bad.

      • Thomas F. La Vecchia

        she is a class act

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