Top 8 Ways to Protect Your Skin

    Time to put your winter coats in the back of the closet and show a little more skin.

    Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for all of the outdoor activities which we love, while enjoying the beauty of nature, and embracing the Vitamin D!  Whether it’s hiking, biking, camping, or just beachin’ it, our skin is out and feels the heat. This poses a major problem for all skin types.

    Our inner urge to be outside as much as possible and take advantage of the warmer months comes at a price- healthy, smooth, younger looking skin. Not protecting your skin from the harsh solar rays will eventually take a toll in a major way. What seemingly appears to have happened overnight is the result of abuse, damage, and poor skincare over time.

    Now is the time. Treat your skin right and save yourself years of regret after you begin to resemble your favorite handbag…Not cute. 

    Here are the Top 8 Ways to Protect Your Skin this Summer!

    #8 Wear Sunscreen

    Technically, you should be wearing sunscreen all year round. Just ask the leading experts. Sunscreen is the only thing that can block the UV rays from directly hitting your skin. It is best to use a Broad Spectrum Sunscreen as it protects from UVA and UVB rays. Most professionals recommend at least 2 tables spoons of an SPF 30 for every hour of sun exposure. Sunscreen is not age discriminatory. Whether you are a child with baby fresh skin or an elderly individual, sunscreen should always be a must!

    #7 Wear Wide Brimmed Hats on Sunny Days

    Wide brimmed hats are key on extremely sunny days. They not only provide shade which can protect your face, they are so on trend right now! Pair it with some big bug-eyed frames and look fierce while you bask in a healthy glow.

    #6 Lip Balm

    Despite what many people think, lip balm is gender neutral. Lips can just as easily be the target for skin cancer so it is important to make sure they are minimally exposed to the sun. Avoid chapping and discomfort with an SPF lip balm.

    #5 ReApply

    Seems simple enough, but most people follow the one and done policy. They put on a sunscreen early on, forget about it, and begin to roast. It is best to reapply every two hours, especially when participating in water sports and pool fun where lotions can be prone to washing off.

    #4 Say No to In-Door Tanning

    Tanning beds are said to be “cancer in a box”. The accuracy of that statement is not far off. Tanning salons increase the exposure to the harmful UV’s that lead to skin conditions like melanoma. If you are looking for a quick boost in your appearance and bronze to your skin for a special occasion stick with trendy spray tans with licensed technicians.

    #3 Specific Fabric

    Clothing is an obvious solution for providing protection from the sun. However, there are certain articles and fabrics that are specifically designed to block the strongest of UV rays. Some even have their very own SPF rating. If you have extremely sensitive skin, clothing like this is an absolute investment with optimal benefits.

    #2 Vitamin E Moisturizers

    Moisturizers assist with dry skin, acne, and premature wrinkling. The ingredient, Vitamin E is the ultimate element to amp up your skin protection!

    vitamin e

    #1 Eating the Right Food

    Eating the right foods that naturally offer benefits to your skin will be the first line of defense. Nature’s resolve is often the most effective. By incorporating selenium-rich food like blueberries or mushrooms, and adding more vitamin E based foods like avocado, your skin will develop a natural immunity from the sun.

    Of course, every individual’s skin reacts with different variables, these tips are universally beneficial. However, while everyone may use these tips, the fact is that keeping your skin in optimal condition is something that you may need help with. A professional will be able to give you the heads up about what your skin needs, and how to prevent further damage to it.

    If you’re in need of skincare advice, call The Kaplan Center today at: 201-786-1977

    About Dr. Gordon Kaplan

    Dr. Kaplan is Board Certified with The American Board of Plastic Surgery. He completed his training in Microsurgery, Reconstructive Surgery, and Replant Surgery at NYU Medical Center in NYC. He finished his plastic surgery training at UMDNJ in Newark, New Jersey. Prior to his training in Plastic & Reconstructive surgery, Dr. Kaplan practiced 5 years of General Surgery and was chief resident at the well-known, and accomplished Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, NY.

    He received his B.A. in Psychology at the University of California at Berkeley. Dr. Kaplan went on to receive a Masters in Medical Science, with a focus on Behavioral Neurobiology, from Hahnemann University in Philadelphia, PA. He acquired his medical degree from Albany Medical College.

    Dr. Kaplan specializes in Breast Reconstruction, Head & Neck Reconstruction, Hand Surgery, and Aesthetic Surgery. He caters to his clients by offering them the latest techniques and innovative treatments for full facial rejuvenation, specializing in such facial fillers, including Radiesse, Juvederm, and Botox.


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