Top 3 Awkward Madonna Jokes on Fallon

    Madonna, the Queen of Pop and of controversy, made a special surprise announcement on The Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon last night…

    After admitting to the accredited comedic host her very own aspirations of being a stand-up comic, Jimmy Fallon provided her with the break of a lifetime. Outraged comedians who have spent there entire lives for a chance to perform on the stage of The Tonight Show are forced to give credit after a few of her quips on dating younger men encouraged chuckles that escalated to roars.

    After all, we all know when Madge does something, she doesn’t do it small or quietly! P.s. Remember when she was British? Random.

    Anyway, check it out…

    She may not have “paid her dues” on the New York City comedy scene like most, but she definitely left the audience awkwardly wanting more!

    The Top 3 Awkward Madonna Jokes on Fallon 

    “Talk about what you know, well I know about dating younger guys…”


    Asking her son Rocco, “Do you have any friends you could introduce me too?”


    “I have a Picasso over my fireplace. I’m not bragging or anything…”


    “So there is an upside to dating younger guys…They are really good with phones.”

    New York City’s Comic Strip Live invites her to take a second crack at comedy!

    As the birthplace of our favorite comedic genius’, Comedy Workshop & Classes are available for the up and coming talent like Madge looking to perfect their routines!

    Madonna, the time is now. Live your dream. No excuses.

    Test your skills and register for one of Comic Strip Live’s epic Gladys’ Open Mic Night!

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