Top 7 Date Activities in New York

    No matter what stage you are in, in your relationship, it is important to incorporate a little spontaneity and fun. It helps to breathe life and excitement back into circumstances which tend to feel like the interview process or follow up questionnaire across from one another at a local coffee shop or bar tabletop. The following activities may seen extremely basic but most individuals who are native to New York often forget the advantages we have right in our backyards! Embrace the chaos of this city and all it has to offer…From borough to borough, there are the world’s greatest treasures to be discovered with any potential suitor in toe! This intimate and unique adventures may allow you to subtlety take a deep look as to who your claiming in your Facebook relationship status!

    #7 Zoos

    Zoos are a great way to bond, to discover the unknown together and interact with the wildlife that you do not get to see roaming around the concrete jungle. Okay, okay, so you don’t have to live so dangerously, but this can def. help you test some limits with any type of excursions!

    Bronx Zoo

    Staten Island Zo

    #6 Sporting Events

    Home to countless champions, from season to season, their is a roaring fan base of loyal teamsters who wear their New York Pride at every event possible! This is a great way to see how invested someone can be and their level of commitment to something beyond their control!

    New York Yankees,

    New York Rangers,

    Brooklyn Nets,

    New York Giants, etc.

    #5 Museums

    Great thing about museums is you can spend hours and a time touring all different exhibits that cater to both individual’s interests. It is a very inexpensive way to explore the history of the city.

    Museum of Natural History,

    Queens Botanical Garden, 

    Queens Museum of Art, 

    Metropolitan Museum of Art, 


    #4 Broadway Shows

    Known and celebrated for the arts, A-Listers are now migrating to the NYC Broadway stages. With Tony Award Winning shows every which way you turn, their is no better New York experience than live theater performance!

    #3 Concerts

    With legendary concert venues like Radio City Music Hall, MSG, and Barclay’s Center, your favorite musicians make their way into the heart of New York. Local colleges also support with arts, with up in coming musical acts, and heavy-hitting names in the industry. Keep your eyes and ears open for who may be passing through!

    #2 The RoadHouse

    “A Classic Evening”


    Sometimes you are just looking for a rustic and romantic atmosphere. The RoadHouse in Staten Island is perfect. It offers you the authentic, traditional, and quality Italian cuisine without the hustle and bustle you feel across the bridge. Each night provides a different vibe for their restaurant goers, whether it is live D00 Wop music, or other specialty events, The RoadHouse brings a personal touch and taste of Italy to you instead of scouring the entire city for a classic meal filled with amore!

    1400 Clove Road
    Staten Island, New York 10301

    #1 Comic Strip Live

    “A Night of Laughter”


    You can tell a lot about someone by what they find funny! This is why Comic Strip Live is a dater’s hidden gem. The most genius comedic acts are there nightly to offer top notch entertainment for you and your significant other. Everyone feels good after a couple of great mixed drinks and an entire night of laughs. It could be something different and new you do with your current “bae” or better yet, for like future boos, this will secure date number 2 for sure!

    1568 Second Ave New York, New York 10028


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