Top 6 Hair Tools Every Girl Needs in Her Bathroom

    Ugh! No matter what I do I seem to be committed to destroying my locks…until now!

    Trust me this is not on purpose. My hair is my thing… I am just one of the girls that the moment you gave me fashion and style freedom, I decided to experiment with everything and run with it. I have had every color hair in the rainbow and I am always changing up my look with different cuts and hairstyles. I love a solid trend! Bangs or no bangs? That is the question. Ombre or balayage? What is a girl to do?

    It also doesn’t help that my hair isn’t “anything”… And when I say that I mean, it is not silky and straight, nor does it embody the perfectly in tact curl! This puts me smack in the middle with jealously of every girl with luscious locks. No matter what I seem to do, it becomes work…a full time job to achieving those beachy waves, scrunchy curls, or pin straight layers…Who has that kind of time?

    This list is inspired by my part-time job of maintaining my mane… An assortment of resourceful and handy items that are all over my bedroom and bathroom sink to ensure I upkeep my ultimate quafe with the right tools and products…

    And more importantly, the beauty essentials at the discounted rates every girl needs!

    The Top Six Styling Tools and Products Every Girl Needs in Her Bathroom



     #6 CHI Ceramic Hairstyling Iron

    CHI Ceramic Hairstyling Iron 1″ Original
    Versatile styling tool has an ergonomic design and curved edge plates to create any style from straight to curly and everything in between.
    Retail Price: $200
    We found it on sale at Good Looking Discounts for $125 – SCORE!

    #5 Coppola Keratin Complex Tool

    Coppola Keratin Complex – Root Refiner Taming and Smoothing Tool
    The Keratin Complex Ionic Ceramic Root Refiner Taming and Smoothing Tool by Coppola has advanced ion technology that smooths and tames highly textured hair and frizzy, hard to control roots. The Keratin Complex Root Refiner includes a professional ceramic barrel that straightens and smooths hair quickly without damage while maximizing moisture and shine.
    SRP: $260.00
    We found it on sale for $163.00

    Coppola Keratin Complex Tool

    Coppola Keratin Complex Tool

    #4 Enzo Milano Clipless Curling Iron

    Enzo Milano – Grande 2/5/18MM Clipless Curling Iron – Black
    Clipless professional curling iron. Non-stick provides a protective barrier for the hair shaft. Enzo Milano Irons feature a light-weight revolving handle which maximizes turn control and comfort. Features:25/18MM, Ergonomic Design, Non-Stick Barrel, Heat Resistant Glove Included, and Styling Tips DVD Included.
    SRP: $170.00
    We found it on sale for $111.00

    #3 Spornette Prego Large Ceramic Round Brush

    Spornette – Prego Large Ceramic Round Brush Pink 270
    2.5 Inch Barrel Size for short to medium hair lengths. America’s most popular ceramic aerated rounders. The Prego’s ceramic aerated barrel heats up rapidly to assist in creating flips and bangs. The Prego’ brushes are reinforced with Tourmaline additives to promote breaking down of water molecules for hair absorption. The Nano-Siver Technology added to the bristles help keep hair ‘clean’ and smelling good.
    SRP: $23.00
    We found it on sale for $16.50



    #2 Turbo Power Twin Turbo 3200 Professional Dryer

    Turbo Power Twin Turbo 3200 Professional Dryer
    The most powerful professional dryer. Compact and lightweight but ultra powerful 1900 watts. Offers 4 temperatures with 2 speed settings. Anti-overheating device. Removable stainless steel filter for easy cleaning. Equipped with 2 nozzles. Features: 900 watts of power, 79 cubic meters air/hour for fast drying, 4 temperatures and 2 speeds, instant cold air, anti-overheating device, removable stainless steel filter, 3 meters of strong power cable,extremely lightweight, includes two concentrator nozzles.
    SRP: $298.00
    We found it on sale for $186.50


    #1 Oil Wonders Flash Blow Dry Oil

    BONUS INFO: One of my new favorite products recent to market can cut your blow drying time in half. With Greek/Italian roots and a head of hair that goes for miles, I can personally attest that this power product delivers!

    Matrix Oil Wonders Flash Blow Dry Oil is an oil spray infused with Moroccan argan oil. It enhances and softness while reducing blow drying time*. Moroccan argan oil hair spray gives your hair a perfectly polished look with enhanced shine and suppleness. Suitable for all hair types.

    Benefits: Up to 2X faster blow dry*
    *Based on professional usage and observation of 75 stylists in a 4-week study.

    Oil Wonders Flash Blow Dry Oil Presents “SPRING BLOWOUT”! 



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