Top 4 Italian Restaurants in Staten Island

    Amazing Italian food is very hard to come by. When you do, hold on to it for dear life. In the heart of every Italian-American lies a deep comparison of their mother’s home cooking to any traditional Italian restaurant. It is an impossible standard to live up too. With Italian restaurants abundant on the streets of Staten Island, where does one go for the best, authentic Italian meals?


    #4 Bocelli Ristorante





    #3 Cielo Ristorante


    Cielo means sky in Italian. And at Cielo restaraunt we make you feel like you’re dining in the heavenly ambience of the sky itself. Our Central Italian and Mediterranean cuisine is like no other, designed purely to make you float into the clouds. Our wine cellar brings you the culinary joy of Italy and their exquisite grapes. We’ve been open long enough to be experienced, and new enough to shine like the sun. So come in, and we promise we’ll make you think you’re dining past St.Peters gate.

    #2 Angelina’s Ristorante


     The waterfront location in Staten Island, offers you great food, and live performances with a stunning view! From the very first bite of their appetizers to the last bite of dessert, indulge in their menu of fine Italian cuisine.


    #1 The RoadHouse

    World Famous Clam Pie
    World Famous Clam Pie


    The RoadHouse restaurant in Staten Island, NY celebrates 40 years of delicious pizza, Italian food and great memories! We invite you to join us nightly for our decadent specials, classic favorites, top-shelf bar, and our rustic style ambiance to ensure you an authentic Italian dining experience from the moment you come through the door.

    The RoadHouse provides the ideal scene for the entire family to enjoy together. The atmosphere has been designed to deliver a cozy, family-style vibe, accompanied by their unique stone fireplace, bar, and flawless dining area. Known for keeping one of the most immaculately clean kitchens in the tri-state area, The RoadHouse has earned the legacy behind it’s home in the heart of Staten Island.

    The RoadHouse: As Seen On…

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