Top 7 ’90s Shows That Deserve a Reboot

    Who doesn’t love to indulge in bouts of nostalgia occasionally? We long for those good ol’ times, yearn for things and people that are no longer around us, and lament that things are no longer the way they used to be. And because we love to wallow in these feelings, wouldn’t it be great if our favorite TV shows from the ‘90s are revived? If The Full House, The X-Files, and Sister, Sister were rebooted, then there’s no reason why the following 7 beloved ‘90s shows should not get the same treatment?

    1. Hang Time


    Hang Time (Image courtesy EPGuides)
    Hang Time (Image courtesy EPGuides)

    Hang Time was a teen coming-of-age sitcom like many others that came before and after it, but it touched us like no other show of its ilk did. We want to know more about the immensely talented and spunky Julie. We want to know if she is a famous basketball player by now and if Danny’s crush on Julie has developed into something more. But most importantly, we want to witness how Julie breaks into more male bastions and rise to the top. Julie was an inspiration, and we NEED a reboot of Hang Time, now more than ever.

    1. USA High

    In an age when “friends” are what you have on Facebook and “sharing” means to like a post, we desperately want to know that Christian, Jackson, Winnie, Lauren, and Ashley still make time to get together and have “real” fun. We assume that these friends from their Paris school days have moved on and live separate lives now, but we want to see that they are still there for one another. Friends has not gone stale yet, so why can’t we demand a reboot of USA High?

    1. Freaks and Geeks

    Freaks and Geeks (Image courtesy EPGuides)
    Freaks and Geeks (Image courtesy EPGuides)

    Many of us probably went through similar trials and tribulations of adolescence like Lindsay and Sam Weir. Many of us are probably raising kids who are labeled “freaks” or “geeks” by their peers. Whatever the reason, the theme of alienation strikes a chord with many among us, and we want to be assured that Lindsay and Sam have sorted out their teenage issues and have now matured into well-adjusted, confident, and loving adults. We would love to know whether Sam has found his soulmate or who has Lindsay chosen between Daniel and Nick.

    1. Married … with Children



    Married ... with Children (Image courtesy EPGuides)
    Married … with Children (Image courtesy EPGuides)

    Married … with Children was the story of an authentic American dysfunctional family, the Bundys. We hope they are still as (lovingly) dysfunctional as they were two decades ago. But we are more curious to know if Peggy, Al’s wife, is still addicted to shopping; if their daughter Kelly has finally found her brains; and if Bud, the son, has had some luck with women.

    1. Home Improvement

    Home Improvement (Image courtesy Rankopedia)
    Home Improvement (Image courtesy Rankopedia)

    Their mischievous boys have grown up, and Tim “The Toolman” Taylor and his wife, Jill, are probably empty-nesters now. Does Tim still host his home-improvement show? Does he still fumble, bumble, and stumble around the house? Is Jill still the domineering type or has she mellowed with age? We would love to know what happened to the family. We could do with the nuggets of wisdom that Wilson, the Taylor’s neighbor, often dispenses.

    1. Step By Step

    Step By Step (Image courtesy EPGuides)
    Step By Step (Image courtesy EPGuides)

    The story of two single parents, played respectively by Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Somers, was as refreshing as it was family-friendly. And we would love to know what Dana Foster did in all these years and where her brand of feminism would find a place in today’s world.

    1. Family Matters

    Family Matters (Image courtesy EPGuides)
    Family Matters (Image courtesy EPGuides)

    We never got to know what happened to Steve Urkel, the Winslow’s geeky and pesky neighbor, and Laura, the girl of his dreams, after they were finally united. This reason alone merits a resurrection of this popular TV show. But we are also curious about the members of the Winslow family.

    These ‘90s shows touched evergreen themes that ring true even today. We are definitely NOT stuck in the past, although we wouldn’t mind reliving it sometimes. We want these shows rebooted because we loved their characters and felt one with one or more of them. We want these shows rebooted because we want to see this crazy world of ours through their eyes. But most importantly, we want these shows rebooted because we want to immerse ourselves once more in their feel-good vibes.


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