Tailgating Essentials: 7 Tips for Game Day

    Along with the hard hits, the heartache and exhilaration, football is about getting people together —even if they don’t always root for the same team. If you’re one of those fans who made several mock drafts of your ideal fantasy football team or have the stats of your favorite players memorized, chances are you’re also gearing up for some serious tailgating this season.

    While everybody loves a good sofa or recliner, nothing captures the spirit of the game more than tailgating – where people gather, eat, drink and get ready for some football!

    Whether you are a fan of football, crazy cheers or delicious dips, tailgating has something for everyone. Don’t get sidelined this season, keep it simple with these tailgating tips to cover everything you need and nothing you don’t for a winning season.

    1. The game plan. Tailgating is all about planning and having everything you need and nothing you don’t. An easy way to make sure you don’t forget something is to make a reusable, laminated checklist. That way you can easily check off everything you have with a dry erase marker then wipe it off and be ready for the next game.

    2. Keep a variety of plays in your meal plan. In a world of changing diets and allergies, a good tailgating menu is about more than just burgers, brats and buns. Be prepared to please all of your tailgate guests by incorporating delicious health-conscious side dishes along with your tailgate go-tos. Don’t forget to call out any dishes you made that might stir up an allergy or two in your fellow tailgaters (i.e. nuts and lactose ladden items).

    3. Huddle up. Remember, you’re the host of your spot in the parking lot, and it’s your job to keep people together and keep them comfortable. Take a quick spin to IKEA and pick up a few extra fleece blankets (the $2 ones will do just fine). It’s a good idea to have a stash of  extra warm and rain gear tucked away in your vehicle. After all, there’s always going to be one person who forgot their coat. Always…

    4. Instant replays. Social media lets you share your tailgating fun with friends and family near and far. With apps galore you can snap and share pictures, text your post-game rendezvous point and check in on other scores.

    5. Don’t get sidelined. Keep the play and your social media updates in motion with touchdown cell phone service. Total Wireless is making wireless services simple again by offering plans that give you everything you need and nothing you don’t. For $35 per month (30 day cycle), Total Wireless gives you unlimited talk and text and 2.5 gigabytes of data on America’s largest and most dependable network – no contract required, so you’ll never have to miss a kick, punt or text again.

    6. TP is for more than “team player.” Even if you think you have the most important things checked off your list, far too many people forget one of the most important items: toilet paper. Just because there’s a porta potty doesn’t mean there’s toilet paper. Keep your tailgate buddies covered by packing a stash of toilet paper in your car (moist flushable towelettes can be used both on the potty and to clean up messy bbq hands).

    7. Tackle the trash. Tailgating is fun but cleaning up, not so much when you have a game to watch! Go green and keep things simple by bringing real dishes and silverware. When everyone is done, place the dirty dishes in a tub in your trunk and hose down when you get home. After all, you have a game to watch! Don’t forget to recycle any cans and bottles you might have collected throughout the game…

    Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be well on your way to the best season yet! {bp}


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