Top 6 Common Nose Shapes

    Is there such a thing as the perfect nose?

    The various nose shapes often define one’s facial structure as they fit in with other features.

    It is important to understand the natural shape of your nose in order to have realistic expectations with optimal results when researching which rhinoplasty procedures and which top facial surgeon is right for you.   

    Below is a breakdown of the Top 6 Common Nose Shapes and What The Defining Personally Attribute to You as an Individual…

    #6 Greek Shaped Nose

    Jennifer Anistion

    This type of nose shape is often referred to Greek nose. People who have straight nose types are considered to be overly intelligent when it comes to their personality. These people are also very skilled, inspirational and functional. They are logical thinkers who will be perfect to be with in times of crisis. They hardly fathom and they always control their emotions.

    #5 Snub Shaped Nose 

    Carrie Mulligan

    One of the noses named one of the most attractive to have, the “snub nose” was found in 4.7 percent of the nose population surveyed. This nose is small, sloping upward at the tip, so that the nostrils are visible. These types of nose shapes are generally smaller in size and they tend to be turned up too. In most cases, the tip of the nose is neither flat nor round and their tip that is slightly upturning brings an impression of a very snobbish person.

    #4 Hawk Shaped Nose

    Barbara Streisand

    Hooked type of nose shape is characterized by a bend in the middle of the nose and sharp contours. If you viewed such a nose from a profile view, you will notice it is much like the beak of a hawk hence its name. People who have hawk type of a nose shape always follow their own path and they are not influenced by masses. This is one of the unique thing about personalities with this types of nose. They do not require other people’s approval and are least concerned about what other people think about them. They are very happy when they are in pursuit of their own goals or projects.

    #3 Roman Shaped Nose

    Ryan Gosling

    This is at times known as an over projected nose shape or at times the Roman nose. It is characterized by outwards curve in the central area that protrudes far off from the face. To know that someone has a roman nose, you will see a very pronounced bridge which is bent or curved. The nose appears as a hook due to this predominant bridge. People with this type of nose shape are often great leaders. The nose types signify people who do not do things impulsively and they have a very strong personality. Though they are good at influencing other people, they do not rush to making decisions. They easily rally people to take action and efficiently organize things. They are not aggressive.


    #2 Nubian Shaped Nose

    The Old Beyonce

    This type of nose shape is often very long and has a base that is very wide. People with Nubian noses are always seeking for new ways to approach issues, are very curious and open minded. These make them to be charismatic and they often draw people to themselves when it comes to their personalities. They are very expressive emotionally and at times the emotions can be overwhelming. If you have been looking at people who have the Nubian type of nose, you must have surely noticed some of the discussed personalities in them.

    #1 Turned-up Shaped Nose

    Zac Efron

    “Turned-up” or “celestial” nose was found in 12.9 percent of noses surveyed among the general population.  Various studies deem this nose shape one of the most attractive. The concave types of nose shapes are often referred as to the upturning nose type and its main characteristics a depression on the middle part of the nose and a tip that protrudes. The inward or depression arch is because of very bulbous and bulky tip of the nose and this is commonly noted in the Caucasian. If the curving is gently, then most people will find it very attractive. For those whose curve is so big, surgery is one way that they may result to. People with these types of nose shapes are often very optimistic, kind and have a character that is full. Friends and family of people who have a turned up nose shape will enjoy the love, support and nurturing personalities of these people. They have much enthusiasm that does not seem to end for new things as well as experiences. This is a characteristic of sexual adventures people though they still take marriage very well.

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