Top 10 Gender Rosetta Stone Translations

    Every one is guilty of saying things just as part of basic protocol. Certain situations simply require the appropriate responses based on what we think people want or need to hear out loud. However, just because we say things doesn’t mean we mean them. We even try to trick own brains half the time. These common declarations, in which we always hear throughout life’s interactions and encounters, provide us much deeper insight if you truly listen hard enough.

    *And both men and women are known for these various types of untruths. Everyone has said the following at one point or another. It’s almost like we need a Gender Rosetta stone or clinical psychologist to uncover what we really mean… until now!

    Top 10 Truths Translated 

    #10 When a Girl Describes The Perfect Guy

     “I just want to meet a guy who is ripped, chiseled, and manly. But also, has a sensitive side and cares about what I have to say.”

    Translates to: “I wish I was a gay guy.”

    #9 When a Guy Describes His Relationship with a Girl Who is Just a Friend

    No, no, it’s not like that. She is awesome. Like one of my best friends. She can totally be one of the guys but she just so happens to be ridiculously hot too. I could never date her.”

    Translates to: “I am a moron who is afraid of commitment and love.”

    #8 When a Girl Finds Out Her BFF is Going Back to an Ex

     “I’ll be here to support you no matter what you decide.”

    Translates to: “Are you F-ing serious? I am writing an anonymous note to your mother.”

    #7 When a Guy Describes His Ideal Female Body Type

    “I don’t like girls who are too skinny. I like a girl with a little meat on her bones…”

    Translates to: “If you date me you better keep it together. NO CHEAT DAYS or CARB SUNDAYS.”

    #6 When a Girl after a Breakup Says

    “It’s time for a change.”

    Translates to: ” I need a haircut and a vacation and I swear to God if I do not Eat, Pray, Love, Julia Roberts is getting her ass beat!”


    #5 When a Guy Says to Another Guy Friend

    “Ugh, this girl keeps blowing me up. She wants it bad.”

    Translates to: “I mean, I text her every single weekday, all day. But when the weekend comes I like to throw her off with a little hard to get and make her think she is nuts.”

    #4  When a Girl about Another Girl

    “She’s cute.”

    This Is a Two for One Deal…

    Translates to: “She isn’t that cute but she is my friend and she is really smart and funny. You might like her…”

    or it means,

    “Ewww, she is seriously gross, but if I don’t say this, you are all gonna call me a hater again.”


    #3 Everyone to their Best Friend

     “So who else is going to be there?”

    Translates to: “Who do is going to be there that you know I hate? or that I haven’t hooked up with yet?”


    #2 When a Girl Hears Her Song at the Club

     “Omg, This is my jump off!!!!!!”

    Translates to: “I’m so super sloppy druuuuunk!”



    When a Guy Says

    “I like a girl who is low maintenance, natural, and does not wear a lot of makeup. ”

    Translates to: “Kim Kardashian is the hottest chick on the planet!”



    About Dr. Bart Rossi 

    Dr. Bart Rossi PhD. is a political psychologist commentator that provides insights to stories in the news. He offers psychological insight to high profile news items in general, and politics in particular. Although Doctor Bart Rossi is the nation’s preeminent ‘Political Psychologist’, he is regularly heard and seen on national radio and TV. His has appeared on a wide range of television networks, including MSNBC, CBS, and FOX5, local television MY9, PIX 11, and the cable news shows News12: Power and Politics; and the EMMY-winning cable show The Fresh Outlook. He appears on radio on such as The Wall Street Journal This Morning, the Alan Colmes Show on Fox Radio, the Jake Burkman Show, and WDUN Newstalk 550 in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Rossi  has also been credited in newspapers; the New York Daily News, U.S.A. Today, as well as magazines. Doctor Rossi combines his experience in psychology and his extensive knowledge of politics to explore why politicians and elected officials do the things they do.

    He is available to offer psychological insight on various trending topics. Dr. Bart Rossi is the number one go-to source to apply true psychology and meaning for today’s discussion panels. For more information on booking Dr. Bart Rossi: Please email [email protected].





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