Top 5 Summer Skin Tricks

    Now, we all may love summer time, but our skin isn’t its number one fan. That glorious feeling of those sunny rays beating down against out skin is creating more long-term damage in exchange for a current bronze.

    Ugh, the agony of defeat, the price of beauty, and the misadventure of being a golden goddess of the sands. It’s an ongoing battle.

    Most of us our not willing to sacrifice our season in the sun, so we keep on contributing to the downfall of our own youthful glow and skin’s potential for a healthy wrinkle-free future. Apparently, ladies don’t seem to care about having a date with destiny- to fulfill the prophecy of looking like your favorite designer purse by age 40.


    Here we break down some useful hints to ensure victory against the battle of maturing women and leathery handbags:

    #5 The Proper Sun Screen

    Why is this so difficult people? Captain Obvious over here. We associate sun light to create a positive boost in our mood and enhancing our energy levels. For this reason we tend to get caught up in the excitement and the moment of pleasure provided by outdoor activities, we often forget to protect our skin. It is extremely important to wear a sun screen that offers a wide range of protection. Read the label and make sure it says “broad spectrum converge” and a SPF of  >/=30 before purchasing. Water Proof, Sweat Proof, and other elements and ingredients may all play huge factors in the strength of protection from your sun blocker. Always reapply sun screen after coming out of the water or after 4 hours of basking in the sun.

    #4 Clothing and Fabrics

    Sun screen is not the only way to protect our skin. Wearing the appropriate clothing, including hats, made from tightly woven fabrics will be a solid defense for your skin against increasing damage from our beloved Vitamin D rays. Stand in the shade where ever and whenever possible. Use umbrellas can be another powerful tool!

    #3 Moisturize

     Residents of warm climates, especially throughout the summer, need to be extremely mindful of this. Individuals who experience excessive sweat from the heat, often do not feel it necessary to moisture. However, it is still an imperative part of optimal daily skincare. If ointments and creams seem too thick, use lotions. Apply your moisturizer to your skin soon after showering to keep the moisture locked in and receive the most benefit.

    #2 Don’t Pop

    If you are a person who deals with acne, do not pop your acne lesions or pimples. This can be difficult as often times it seems to be irresistible and the immediate solution to alleviate the problem. Though this may be a quick fix to get rid of them faster, it will increase your chance of permanent scarring and irreversible blotches.

    #1 Manage Your Stress

     Did you know that higher stress levels have been shown to trigger, acne out-breaks, rosacea flares and hair loss? Just to mention a few… Here is another reason to unwind and relax. Use the excuse it is for your health and beauty. Take the time to learn to recognize when exactly you are most stressed and actively take initiative to reduce this. Set reasonable limits. Scale back your to-do list and make time to do the things you enjoy.

    After all, it is summer!

    About Dr. Naomi Dolly


    Dr. Naomi Dolly graduated from St. Joseph’s Convent High School in Trinidad and Tobago. She enrolled in the Faculty of Medical Sciences in 2002 on a Further Additional Scholarship from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Her successful completion of Medical School with multiple distinctions and honors in various modules, led to the strong foundation in starting her residency in dermatology in SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York in July of 2011. This was preceded by her one year internship at the Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, Bronx, New York in internal medicine.

    For more information on optimal skincare health contact Naomi Dolly at [email protected].

    Dr. Dolly looks forward to developing a long relationship with all of her patients and invites you to peruse our website or contact us for more information about our practice, the conditions that we treat, and the services that we offer.



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