Top 5 Reasons We Love Food Trucks (Jersey Edition)

    FoodTRUCK YEAH! People love food.  People love trucks. How can PEOPLE be wrong?

    #5 Gone are the days of the “Roach Coach”…food trucks offer some serious cuisine these days. 

    We’re not talking hot dogs and hamburgers folks…we’re talking steak, pork, and the Jersey staple, “Disco Fries”! Don’t know what Disco Fries are?  Try ‘em.  Trust us.

    #4 Inspiration can hit at any time.  Food trucks have the luxury of changing up their menu on a weekly or even daily basis. 

    Just ask the chef behind the window, they’ll tell you.  They might wake up that morning and say “Today is a perfect day for Mac & Cheese Empanadas”.  And yes, that’s actually a thing.

    #3 It’s Fresh (And yes, we’re also referring to the 80’s term)!  

    In most cases your meal is made to order.  Fresh ingredients made fresh right in front of you.

    #2 Loyalty. 

    Walk up to a group of people.  Ask them “What’s your favorite Food Truck?”  Not only will you get several different answers, but a debate on who’s food is better will ensue.  It’ll get heated and end with a SHOWDOWN.  They will set a date to have a “Truck Crawl”, invite their friends and try several different trucks to end the debate.  And when that happens, you definitely want to be invited.

    #1 They are just plain COOL. 

    Think about it…there are entire festivals that are based solely on Food Trucks.  On TV, Food Trucks wage WAR on each other.  Seriously, you just cannot get any COOLER than that.

    NJ Food Truck Staff Picks: 

    We at are HUGE fans of New Jersey’s Union County Based el Lechon de Negron.  Gourmet Puerto Rican Food that just cannot be beat.  The Pernil (pork) is a crowd pleaser.  And don’t even get us started on the empanadas.  (Try the Mac & Cheese Empanadas mentioned earlier, they are not a regular menu item, but I’m sure if you ask nicely they would be happy to tell you next time they are available).  They also offer catering and you can rent the truck and have your own Pig Roast.  If that happens, remember who introduced you …we at the Insider, fully expect an invitation!

    Check them out: foodtruck  


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