Top 5 NJ NightLife Magazines

    Long before Snooki, JWoww, and the rest of our beloved state’s infamous Jersey Shore crew resurrected the pulse of NJ Nightlife down the shore, North Jersey had it’s own reputation to live up to. Always known for big parties, luxurious venues, fist pumping dance music, endless fountains of alcohol, and a dam good time- New Jersey is experience of renaissance in entertainment!

    North Jersey’s entertainment groups mixed in with a Jersey Shore “Party’s Here!” attitude has caused an explosion of fun saturating the entire state and “fist” pumping life back into the social circuit. A rebirth of new hot spots are taking over and nightlife has now transformed into a lifestyle and culture all it’s own.

    One thing is for sure, as the nightlife constantly changes, locals and tourists alike are on a quest for different types of atmospheres to check out. As these well-known entertainment groups direct us to all the happening places of the moment, there is an ongoing need to keep up.

    As bars, night clubs, and restaurants, either come and go or are forever re-branding, changing DJ’s, revamping menus, drink specials, hosting celebrity driven events, and adding to their line-up of entertainment, the NJ crowd always searches for where the beats are dropping and the most attractive social scene is gathering.

    The only way to stay on top of the nightlife in New Jersey is to refresh your social media pages and see who is posting. Finding out who to trust and what places are legitimately where you want to be. The updates from these social directors are key for finding the ultimate cocktails, brews, and celebrations throughout the Garden State.

    From New Jersey influencers to the media outlets that inform us, The Insider List has researched the Top Night Life Magazine sources.

    Covering Fashion, Beauty, NightLife, Music, Sports, Film, Models, and Beer, this is your “Official Guide to the New Jersey Soirees” you hope to get an invite to…


    hot shotz

    Yup, Hot Shotz is everywhere! Snapping photos and handing you their card so you and your friends can oogle over the eye candy that you were the night before at any given stomping ground where they took over. The ultimate and professional photos are provided to the masses so there is an actual clue as to what happened the previous night. Perhaps, you were hoping no one would see? Regardless, everyone wakes up to a wallet or purse full of these cards after an amazing night of binge drinking dancing and fun in your New Jersey’s finest attire!

     #4 NJ Monthly


    Although this publication is not focused exclusively to the night life of New Jersey, most residents seek out this resource as a map to the very best that NJ has to offer. The great part about this edition is it includes an inside look for various demographics looking for essentials and the most promising amusement.

    #3 Night and Day 

    Layout 1

    Night and Day Magazine is an all access pass to promotions, giveaways, and an epic social calendar. Updating you on every daily aspect of entertainment in NJ from day-time family fun, to it’s time to get a baby-sitter, we got places to go and people to see!



    Well the name says it all. Social news, pop culture, event coverage, reviews, and more! NJ Rockstar is not only on front line shooting NJ based celebs at the most fabulous parties throughout the state, they deliver the fresh insight into the up and coming, the relevant, and of course, the trendy. Featuring NJ’s very own mini-celebs, NJ Rockstar is the media insider to the coolest premieres, red carpets, launch parties, and New Jersey backstage pass throughout.

    #1 Metropolis Nights Magazine 


    mn                                 mn2


     Hands down, MN is the absolute concierge service of all New Jersey #PoshLife living. Metropolis Nights may be all about “nightlife and entertainment” but with nightlife comes lifestyle. This is the leading publication for celebrities to grace the cover with exclusive interviews and a collective of the restaurants, bars, lounges, etc that keep the state sizzling even during those winter months. The distinctive pedestal that elevates Metropolis Nights from it’s competitors is how each of our favorite establishments are spotlighted in such a way making all of our favorite hangouts feel like A-List. Chef of the month, Bartender of the Month, beautiful local models and bottle service girls, and amazing articles on New Jersey living, solidify it’s place as top of the rank for nightlife in NJ!

    Check out the latest edition at **


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