5 Biggest Dieting Mistakes Everyone is Guilty Of…

    As summer creeps up, ’round the corner, we are forced see more of ourselves then we are prepared too. With short shorts, crop tops, and tight bandage dresses, the pressure is officially on. With beach season approaching, diet season is in full effect! People try everything in there power to loose that unwanted belly flab in which they have been storing all winter long to stay warm and now panic mode sets in. A revolving door of fad diets, extreme workouts, and other quick fixes may never be the solution but individuals continue with their failed attempts.  Expert nutritionists, Alyssa Cellini and Inna Topiler, weigh in on the mistakes that everyone makes this time of year and some solutions to optimize successful results so you don’t have to suck in the entire time at the beach!

    5 Biggest Dieting Mistakes 

    #5 Not Eating All Day

    Some people call this cleansing- Most nutritionists call this a set-up!


    Truth: By following regime, you can only last through the morning. This also increases your chances of a late night binge, and gaining more unwanted weight then simply eating throughout the day. Food is fuel. You need it to function and to remain healthy.

    Everyone has tried this, but has it ever work? Are you good at starving yourself?

    Well, unfortunately your hormones catch on to this and slow down your metabolism even more making it more difficult to loose weight. The digestion process slows down so your next meal is going to store as fat in preparation for your next fasting-move plus… your hair may start thinning. No thanks!

    #2 Diet Drinks

    Red Bull, Diet Sodas, Sugar Free Lattes…Oh my!


    Truth: Aspartame, Sucralose; Grossness. These are chemical sweeteners that overwork your liver, the organ that plays a big role in fat burning vs. storage. We used these gateway and artificial chemicals thinking we are helping ourselves, but we aren’t in the long run. We are doing more damage. Better off sticking to a rum and coke rather than your typical rum and diet, thinking it’s okay to gulp down more and b-line to a dance floor.  Not only will you likely hold onto water weight ( which masquerades as fat), you’re gaining more than you bargained for by slowing down your metabolism.

    #3 Pressed Juice Diets


    Truth: Although, juicing has its benefits and it works wonders for some people who may not take in enough nutrients, extended juicing is providing the body with sugar and no fiber; so it’s likely to have blood sugar fluctuations and even worse- constipation. If you don’t eliminate daily, the toxins in your body are recycled in the colon- so you BASICALLY just cleaned your hair brush and threw that hair ball on the floor. Next…

    #2 Avoiding Water To Dehydrate Yourself


    Truth: Yes fitness models, high school wrestlers, and even a bride may be guilty of  the “dehydrate method ” to drop a few quick pounds; but unless you have a photo shoot or a quick weigh-in, avoiding water in not how you reach goal. These “dehydration processes” are meant for very short term wins and are extensive (5 day) processes including more than water intake. Skip it and drink at least 65 ounces of water/day.

    #1 Counting Calories


    Truth: Although calories matter, these are a broad representation of what you just ate and what you supposedly burnt off at the gym. Your hormones control fat loss, gain, storage, where, etc. and the timing, combinations, portions, etc- all affect which hormones elevate and when. Oh, it’s complicated all right!  If you’ve been counting calories and it’s not working- your likely concentrating on the wrong thing. Its like every dating myth you have ever heard, finding the guy who’s got everything on your list (We’ve all made a list); he’s a tall lawyer who likes nights in and a good chick flick, overlooking the fact that he drinks daily, calls you once a week, and orders before you at dinner. Over it.

    About Alyssa Cellini and Inna Topiler



    My Custom Cleanse may be a sister company but it is the starting point of new beginnings. Created by clinical nutritionists, Inna Topiler and Alyssa Cellini, owners of Complete Nutrition and Wellness in Hoboken, New Jersey, have helped thousands of patients seeking health resolution through custom cleansing. Custom cleansing goes beyond the aesthetics has healing begins from within promoting youthification throughout your body. You will experience weight loss, eradicate all types of digestive issues, increased energy, skin rejuvenation, balanced mood, strong and improved immune system, and recovery from various chronic ailments. As “nutritional detectives, we search for answers to the symptoms of the root of your health concerns through our testing. For our clients, this is an effective means to a successful outcome because we are able to find exactly what is needed to rebalance your biochemical pathways and therefore, your whole body.We love using the most cutting-edge tools available to help get to the root of your health issues…And then customize individual plans for your every need and identifying the patterns of each individual’s personalized conditions.

    While they would love to see everyone interested in their brilliant algorithms, they simply do not have the capacity or support —They also understand that not everyone lives in the tri-state area and may have the time or budget for individual care.  Since they hated turning people away, My Custom Cleanse was created to help more people without losing the very important customization piece that makes all the difference. By providing individuals with superior knowledge about the science of their bodies, the social stigmas surrounding cleansing may finally be removed. Natural health advancements will secure strong groundwork within the body, boost energy levels, and reform preventative care tactics.

    Cleansing is more than just a fad weight loss trick and quick fix. A true cleanse is a lifestyle choice which focuses on optimizing health benefits. A cleansing formula is designed with a very specific, personal, and scientific angle in mind, revolving completely around each individual. . Meaning, there are various elements to be assessed which are contributing factors to  customizing the perfect formula for each individual. They identified highly streamlined and specific questions to learn as much as possible about each person to customize the perfect cleanse for each individual.The foundation for a custom cleanse begins with MyCustomCleanse.com! 



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